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eNlight Public Cloud Hosting

Innovated For Success Meet your Business Goals with Intelligent eNlight Cloud

ESDS eNlight Public Cloud

Organizations have been spending a fortune on IT infrastructure to build a stack efficient enough to help them stay ahead of their business demands. Almost 80% of the times Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) invest in a technology that does not fulfil their business expectations and if it does, they hardly benefit from such investment. To offer modern business advantage through an indigenous technology, we have created a unique Cloud and world’s only Double-Patented Cloud. ESDS eNlight Cloud is a tremendous platform to modernize workloads through intelligent Auto-Vertical Scaling that predicts resources in real-time and consistently powers application performance. Businesses are experiencing improved operational efficiency and streamlined costs on highly flexible ESDS eNlight Cloud.

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Why Choose ESDS eNlight Cloud/Public Cloud

Organizations of all sizes are embracing transformation of their processes and applications on eNlight Cloud. Termed as Elastic, Sizeable and Secure, eNlight Cloud offers a computing environment that includes intelligent scaling for resource provisioning and a revolutionary Billing model that helps businesses save enormous costs. Pay-Per-Consumption billing allows businesses to pay only for the IT resources consumed against the allocated through a Smart Resource Predictor tool. Built on multiple layers of security, eNlight Cloud delivers enterprise-grade security services for a safer and highly reliable Cloud environment. Through an intuitive and a web-based control panel, users are able to efficiently manage their Cloud and monitor Virtual Machines (VMs) which enables smooth business operations.

Auto - Vertical Scaling

Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology

Made In India Cloud

Built by a team of brightest and most passionate Indians, for Indians, in India

Multi-Hypervisor Support

Deploy Hypervisors such as HyperV, VMware or XenServer for seamless virtualization

Transparent Billing Model

Optimum utilization of compute resources with Pay-Per-Consume billing model

Unique Features of eNlight Cloud

Fully redundant multi-server systems which eNlight swears by, give you the power and control to do more. You gain everything and lose nothing when you are on the eNlight. eNlight achieves a unique identity with its cloud features, which can additionally be customized.

Auto-Scalability on eNlight

Now, Operate on Usage Scaling
Most others talk about scaling, eNlight talks about Usage Scaling. The utility-based advanced eNlight provisions resources dynamically, which means the RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc. are scaled up only in times of actual use. Because it is intelligent, it can produce proactively calculated results of actual resources-in-use and those nowhere-in-use. According to the situation, it decides to scale up or down, automatically. In case of eNlight, you never stop and shut your server down, because eNlight performs a live server reboot.

Pay Per Consume on eNlight

Get the Twin Benefit
You might've undertaken cost effective measures in cloud, try the eNlight for Cost Effective Pay Per Consume. Basically, eNlight is a cost-effective choice. Simultaneously you need to pay for CPU, RAM and Bandwidth only when the VM is running, else only pay for storage. Offload your expenses, when you are off peak hours. With greatest transparency in Pay Per Consume billing model, you get to eliminate costs of unused resources and hidden costs or surcharges, thus saving a bag full of rupees.

Flexibility on eNlight

Customize, Match and Get Perfect
Permutations & Combinations of your needs defines eNlight. Just to perfectly fit into your business model, it gives you the flexibility you always desired. You name it and eNlight delivers it. Starting from your ever first eNlight deployment to dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling, we allow our users to do it all, because we know what all it takes to give you a business-suitable cloud.

Cloud Services Management

Smartly Manage, Monitor, Back Up and More
Simple, user friendly, intuitive control panel for eNlight can manage any of its cloud type, facilitates daily server management and above all automates it, fully. The cloud irons out the complexities of server or hardware failure through pro active intelligent monitoring of server performance. Access server activities from any place in the world through our web based console. eNlight performs live back ups following live VM snapshots, leaving a tag of zero data loss and zero downtime.

Live Migration

Keep Moving, Never Stop

Other cloud services might not include a feature which allows seamless server migration. With eNlight, there is no need for a server reboot, while migrating to another server, auto scaling, upgrading your applications, or even while backing up . eNlight performs all on the go, so that you never stop. This ability comes to eNlight through an infrastructure built of :

  • eNlightened VMs
  • Intel Nehalem Processors in each node
  • Fibre Channel Disk Storage
  • Dual Storage Controllers
  • Internet Connectivity from Multiple Providers
  • Multiple Cisco 6509 routers with 1.4 Tbits processing power
  • Gigabit / Fast Ethernet Cisco switches in other network layer

Business Groups computing on eNlight Cloud

Any one who desires to deploy, develop, innovate, store or retrieve compute data with extreme speed, security and flexibility uses the eNlight cloud.

For a fact that business groups are generating doubled revenues simply by using cloud computing solutions, eNlight seals the fact. Our confidence in computing specially in Cloud, permits us to portray our eNlightened skills, which are deliberately focused towards revenue generation for your enterprise.

Small Scale Enterprises

What are you, as SMBs looking for, in a cloud? Well, optimum utilization of resources - be it computing or cost. As eNlight is intelligent by nature, it assigns resources strictly as per need. eNlight questions-Why pay for unused resources? While eNlight takes care of your cost concerns, you must also be sure of high end security on our multi-layered eNlight infrastructure. Moreover, the cloud matches the perfect set of requirements you place- however simple or complex, eliminating every unwanted compute character from your account. Hence with eNlight, SMBs can choose to use, instead of choose to lose.

Large Scale Enterprises

Being a well established enterprise, your focus undoubtedly is on quality and security of operations ongoing on the cloud. eNlight puts you in a place (whether private, hybrid or public) where your main purpose of seamless hosting is achieved, without any compromise.

eNlight For Banks

With eNlight, your banking enterprise can minimize costs while maintaining data confidentiality and regulatory compliance. Developed as per ISO standards, eNlight gives a secure platform to explore cloud computing for maximum productivity of banking operations.

Individual Entities

You chose to move on cloud for good reasons - Easy data access anywhere, live data transfer and of course cost-effective data storage. The versatile eNlight gives you the usefulness of a cloud, so that you have to look nowhere else for your personal computing needs. The integrated eNlight technology helps you work faster than ever, smarter than no other. Organize, share, edit, distribute, innovate simply by signing up on eNlight. Your data is eNlight’s asset, we take care of it just as we would for our own property.

Programmers & Test Engineers

Innovate on the innovative eNlight. Host, develop, design, module, re-module, explore everything on eNlight. Expand your horizons as you experiment on our private or hybrid cloud, because eNlight deploys faster than you can imagine. Just sign up and start-to-deliver. Gain the power to control the web, with a powerful cloud. We want you to capitalize on your coding skills, hence we recommend eNlight for ease of management.

Run Your Mobile Apps on eNlight!

Run your mobile applications on APIs that are programmed to deliver performance. Develop web based apps, social networking apps, and more on eNlight's multi-tenant architecture. Get rapid scaling of apps, as soon as there's an upgrade in the markets.

Pay as per Consumption Billing

As opposed to the traditional IT billing techniques, eNlight is true to its commitment of "Pay-as-per-Consumption". With eNlight, we put you in the driver's seat. Your Cloud computing cost will be only for the resources you use with eNlight, thus completely eliminating hidden costs or surcharges.. You are not charged for the resources allocated to the VM but only for those that you use.

The Pay-as-Per-Consumption plan keeps a check on your expenses by billing almost no charges during off peak hours. With eNlight cloud you pay only for CPU, RAM and Bandwidth used when the VM is running, when the VM is not active you pay only for the storage used by the server. Once the VM is deleted, you stop paying for it.

Billing Predictor

Get the unique Predictor tool to check actual resource usage and observe real time benefits on eNlight Cloud Technology, lets you see your actual resource usage, and the benefits of moving to eNlight. It is simple to use, and can work wonders for your IT Budget, helping you plan efficiently.

Cost Predictor Download eNlight's Offline Usage and Cost Predictor
eNlight Cloud Security

eNlight has been designed to keep up with all security requirements and face all threats prevailing in today's online ecosystem to ensure smooth functioning of your operations. With eNlight cloud you can be assured that your application / website / information / database is protected against security threat. We make sure that our customers' data is kept highly confidential; to reinforce the trust and confidence our customers have in us. We adhere to rules and regulations by taking adequate security measures. We are certified and competent to ensure total security against data theft and information leakages, to diminish risks and uncomplicated server security.

Physical Security

ESDS' experience in building state-of-the-art, fully secure Datacenter has been extended to eNlight Cloud Platform and Infrastructure as well. We follow the strictest rules to enforce 100% security. Physical access to eNlight Infrastructure is rigorously controlled throughout the facility by professional security staff. Modern Security Systems including video surveillance, biometric access control, motion and entry detection cameras with alarms are installed throughout the premise. Our seven layer Security ensures that only Authorized Personnel have access to the Datacenter Premise, and all visitors are required to provide identification after which they are continuously escorted by a Staff member. Datacenter Information and access is limited to a few employees who have legitimate reasons and business needs. All access to ESDS Datacenter is duly recorded and regularly audited to maintain a strict check.

eNlight Security Standards

Our services are certified with the following standards to ensure maximum security

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 20000 / BS 15000
  • ISO 27001 / BS 7799

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

eNlight Cloud stores data on enterprise storages having multiple security layers. These security layers are further strengthened by the best practices followed to store eNlight data, including Isolation of storage from public network and thick provisioning of storage to negate sharing. eNlight is based on hardware virtualization technology isolating cloud servers at the hypervisor layer for additional data security. This explicit virtualization of the physical resources leads to a clear separation between guest and hypervisor, resulting in additional secure separation between the two. Customer instances have no access to raw disk devices, but instead are presented with virtualized disks. The eNlight Virtualization layer automatically resets the chunk of storage used by a customer, thus preventing exposure of one's data to the other.

Server Isolation & Security

Inside eNlight' secure environment, the isolation layer replicates cloud resources (processors, memory, storage, etc.) to match the execution requirements of the original server. Using this approach, servers and applications run on eNlight cloud "as is" without requiring modification or redesign, and without any disruption. eNlight's tightly integrated modules easily expand to ensure server, application, and data security across physical, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as virtual desktops. eNlight Cloud offers a comprehensive, centrally managed platform to help you simplify security operations.

Storage Security

ESDS employees are prohibited from viewing the content of the files you store in your eNlight account, and can only view file’s metadata (file names and locations). Storage Servers are Isolated from the Public Network, and safely nestled into a Private Network, thus eliminating all the threats & attacks that the Internet poses. Traffic to and from eNlight Cloud stays within the corporate firewall without crossing the Internet. Our regulated routing policies also specify the users that are actually allowed to reach the Cloud resources.

Network Isolation

eNlight Cloud deploys Network virtualization techniques that separate different networks on the same hardware and therefore, partition resources accordingly. This ensures excellent isolation along with regulated network resource sharing within different users. Network Isolation boasts of multiple advantages: viruses and worms cannot propagate into eNlight Cloud's isolated network, malicious users and external softwares are unable to attack eNlight servers as they lack the authentication credentials required to establish communication within eNlight's Isolated Network.

Network Security

Every customer is kept in a VLAN with L3 Switch in the backend. This reduces trivial network vulnerabilities and provides significant protection against traditional network security issues such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks, Man in the Middle (MITM) Attacks, IP Spoofing, Port Scanning and Packet sniffing by other tenants. Security is provided on multiple levels: the operating system (OS) of the host, the virtual instance OS or guest OS and firewall. Some of the features of eNlight' Network Security are

  • Private VLANs.
  • Optional hardware firewall or load-balancing.
  • Anti-spoof / anti-sniff firewall technology.
  • Customer isolation in public cloud.
  • ARP access list used to avoid man-in-middle kind of attacks and IP thefts.
  • On request dedicated Firewall Provision with SSL and IPsec VPNs.
  • High end Cisco anomaly detector with sophisticated algorithms to analyze the traffic.
  • High end Cisco anomaly Guard, capable of handling 1Gbit/s traffic, to protect network from DDoS attacks.
  • Out of Path Traffic filtering system to block malicious traffic without affecting normal traffic.

Why are the eNlight servers unique from ordinary cloud hosting servers?

"eNlight" provides "Auto-Scaling" and "Pay-Per-Consume" features which are truly unique and are currently not provided by any other cloud hosting services company. Multiple unique and useful features make "eNlight" the most suitable cloud technology to go with.

Do I need to be a server guru to use eNlight?

Not at all. We have a very good tech support team that can sort out ordinary to extremely critical issues with utmost perfection.

How can I use the billing predictor? How does it help?

Dynamic scales are provided in terms of RAM, CPU, Disk and Bandwidth with respect to corresponding time frames. You can just select the intended server configuration and check your bill as per the server consumption percentage. You can use the billing predictor to calculate a estimated cost you will be charged on eNlight on the basis of Server Configuration and server resource consumption percentage.

How does eNlight compare with a private cloud?

eNlight supports private cloud as well. You can host your private cloud in our Data center and choose to run it on eNlight.

What is the uptime guarantee?

We provide with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

How many cloud servers can I create?

Unlimited!! Though we have set a limit to creation of virtual servers for a single day as a precautionary measure but there is no restriction for the count of VMs that you can create and that too in multiple Data centers.

What kind of virtualization platforms does eNlight support?

eNlight runs on paravirtualized servers that perform better than fully virtualized servers.

Am I charged when my eNlight cloud server is in unused state?

You will have to pay only for allocated disk and dedicated default RAM that is required for the virtual server to start.

How can I access my invoices?

You can access all the invoices by clicking on eNlight tab in the billing section

How does eNlight reduce the IT and administration expenses?

eNlight cloud directly reduces the cost of hosting. This in turn reduces the Capex and Opex like management, maintenance, electricity, man-power and other related costs.

What are the functions of the control panel?

By using the eNlight control panel you can edit settings, create VM , start VM, shutdown VM, reboot VM, console service, disk management, create VM, view logs, forecaster

Do I get a cPanel/Plesk control panel with eNlight Cloud account?

cPanel is preinstalled and Plesk needs to be installed separately.

We have cPanel based templates so you can create a cpanel based VM from eNlight Management Panel where as Plesk needs to be installed separately on a Plain VM. License cost of both the VMs is applicable separately.

How many maximum concurrent connections can my eNlight cloud server handle?

eNlight cloud server can handle maximum number of concurrent connections that your OS supports.

How many number of IPs do you offer with a eNlight cloud?

You get 2 IPs with eNlight cloud. In case you require more IPs, please contact our support team.

Can I use SSL Certificate on eNlight cloud server?

You can use a SSL certificate on eNlight cloud if you have one or you can buy from us.

How long does it take to set-up an eNlight cloud account?

The cloud account is not activated until the payment is received. Also you won't be able to create any VMs in that account till then. Once the eNlight order is accepted, you can instantly create VMs from your eNlight control panel.

How do I upgrade my eNlight cloud VMs?

The virtual servers are auto scalable, hence you need not upgrade.

How many CPUs do I get?

For Windows server, we provide 4 CPUs for a basic configuration server, which can be customized as per your needs. For Linux server we provide Auto Scalable CPUs with one CPU minimum and maximum of 24 CPUs.

Can I increase/upgrade my storage space?

Initially the server has default allocated space as per the template selected by you and additional storage can be allocated as and when required.

Do you offer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with eNlight cloud?

All the third party applications need to be purchased and installed separately.

Which operating systems does eNlight support?

eNlight supports both Linux (CentOS) and Windows operating systems.

What If I want to transfer to another host?

There aren't any time bound contracts with eNlight and you can change your host if required.

Can I resell eNlight services to my clients?

You can resell eNlight cloud servers to your clients building your virtual data center with very less capex.

What would happen if my resources exceed the defined package?

eNlight package does not have any resource restrictions. You can apply resource restrictions on your Virtual Machine yourself. You can change the maximum value of RAM or CPU any time.

Is it possible to run third party applications on eNlight?

An "eNlight Virtual Server" is as good as a dedicated server. Thus, a third party application would run if the OS supports it

What kind of anti-virus do you use for eNlight VM?

We don't provide antivirus protection with OS installed on VM. Though you can install an anti-virus on your VM that is supported by the OS or the control panel installed.

What is the cost to change platform from Linux to Windows or vice versa?

eNlight is purely an Infrastructure service. We provide resources and the OS license costs are managed by the service providers.

Can I customize the defined hardware?

You can change the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM and HDD for your server.

Does your support team handle technical problems that may arise while using eNlight cloud servers?

Our support team is very well equipped to handle any issues related to the eNlight cloud physical servers or virtual machines.

Under what circumstances can an account get banned or deleted?

Illegal use of the server (violation of SLA) will result in account deletion.

What happens if my hardware fails?

In case of a hardware failure we make sure that your server is brought up as soon as possible. We provide High Availability but if in case the server is not up, then you are provided with a feature to start it from your control panel. In case of node failure your VM will be booted from another server within 10 minutes.

Do I need to manually scale up/down resources?

eNlight works on "Auto Scaling Technology" which automatically allocates/deallocates resources as per need. All you have to do is set the maximum parameters for your server, sit back and enjoy the service.

Is support available 24 x 7 x 365 for eNlight?

Our support team of highly technical experts is always available for your help.

Why are the charges of hard disk space fixed, though the charges of other resources are as per my usage?

Hard disk doesn't come under auto scaling feature. The space allocated to you is dedicated and not shared with anyone else so the price for disk space is fixed.

If I need more resources for the server, how much time will be needed to allocate the resources?

"eNlight" is intelligent enough to allocate resources as soon it detects your server under load. However, it may require maximum of a minute to allocate resources to the virtual machine.

Can there be downtime for eNlight too?

Yes, there can be downtime in case of hardware or network failure but that is extremely rare.

What could be the causes for the downtime on eNlight?

The causes would be hardware failure, network failure or storage failure. Kindly check our SLA for the same.

I am currently using dedicated server, will eNlight be useful to me?

With eNlight you will be able to leverage unique benefits in terms of performance, auto scaling, pay-per-consume and many more which are not available with Dedicated Servers.

As Max RAM and CPU is pre-decided by me while creating a Virtual Server, what happens if there is a sudden spike of more than the allocated max RAM?

If the spike is more than the maximum limit set by you, eNlight will not allocate any resources more than the maximum value set.

Can cPanel or Plesk installation be automated from the cloud panel?

We have cPanel VM templates due to which you don't have to install it and it's ready to use. In case of Plesk, due to some limitations it's not possible to automate the Plesk installation as of now but we are working on it.

What are the features provided in the control panel to manage VMs?

You can start, shut down, delete and restart VM from the control panel.

How to create a new VM?

Creation of a VM is very simple with eNlight. All you have to do is select the template, set the max parameters for RAM and CPU and just click on Create. A new server is provisioned within 10 seconds.

Can I manage my eNlight cloud?

Yes. You have full control over your cloud virtual servers.

How can I check the usage of my resources for my VM from the control panel?

You can see live resources allocated to your server in the control panel. You can check usage logs for every five minutes.

Will I be able to create virtual servers for my customers and will I be able to monitor the usage of all the virtual servers?

Yes, you can create VMs for your customers and monitor their usage as well.

What if I accidently delete one of my Virtual Servers? Will the files still be available?

We might keep the VMs for some time but recovery of deleted VMs is not guaranteed. If we are able to recover the deleted VMs, then you will have to pay for the time while the VM was in deleted state.

What will be the speed of the each VM of eNlight cloud?

Each virtual machine will have hardware dependent CPU capabilities. Moreover the current setup has Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5660 @ 2.80GHz each. We assign a certain number of VCPU to each virtual server. Every VCPU is of same speed as of the host CPU.

Are there any hidden costs?

eNlight works on pay-per-consume model, so apart from new virtual server creation there aren't any additional costs applicable. Any third party software or additional IPs will be billed separately.

Is my eNlight account balance refundable?

Kindly refer SLA.

Do I have to purchase a license for virtualization?

You can directly avail services as one does not have to purchase any license for virtualization.

Is it possible to make recharges from phone when I am not available at my desk?

The invoice creation is currently done through our Billing System online that currently does not have a mobile version to make payments. Thus you will have to recharge only after invoice creation. You can always call us to generate an invoice which you can then pay through any available medium.

Can you provide invoice for money which has been carried forward?

The invoice generated is only for the recharges you do. The balance is carried forward and used until it becomes zero.

What are the payment methods available for eNlight?

Our billing system provides various options. Please contact us to know more.

Can I find out the approximate charges for resources used?

Please refer our Billing Predictor to calculate approximate costs.

Why am I billed after every 5 minutes?

We take performance matrix for every five minutes to provide maximum transparency in usage logs.

Since the funds get deducted from my account after every 5 minutes, why do you show a monthly charge? Am I being charged twice i.e. per 5 minutes and on a monthly basis?

We don't show monthly charge. We show charges and logs for every 5 minutes of usage

If my server does not use any resources, will I still be charged?

You will only be charged for the resource consumption irrespective of what the resource allocation is. CPU and RAM are charged as per usage. Disk is charged fully i.e. if we allocate 50 GB space to your eNlight cloud server, then you will be billed for the entire 50 GB.

Is the VAT/ Service Tax included?

The billing is as per the resources consumed and any tax will be added on the resource bill.

How does eNlight Cloud comply to various regulatory & legal requirements?

The monthly audit processes for Information Management & Quality Management cover all regulatory and legal compliances pertaining to datacenter and eNlight Cloud security. Some important activities that are part of these monthly audits are :

  • Inspections & monitoring of Router logs
  • Monitoring the health of Switches and review of access logs
  • Monitoring the health of Nodes

Legal compliances are addressed through detailed SLA clauses providing available legal options in case of conflict.

Where will my data be geographically located?

ESDS currently offers cloud hosting services in 3 different continents, USA (Chicago), Europe (UK) and Asia (India). Clients can choose the geographical location of VM based on required legal, regulatory or personal compliances. Client's data will be kept at chosen datacenter until ESDS is requested to setup a DR or migrate the data on remote locations.

How securely is my data handled?

The eNlight Cloud stores data on enterprise storages having multiple layers of security. These security layers are further strengthened by the best practices followed to store eNlight data :

  • Isolation of storage from public network.
  • Thick provisioning of storage to negate sharing.
  • eNlight is based on hardware virtualization technology isolating cloud servers at the hypervisor layer for additional data security.
  • Client Data on eNlight is stored in block format and is spread across numerous disks, which makes it impossible to steal cloud data without proper authorization.

How is service availability assured?

eNlight being hosted at state-of-the-art Tier III datacenter, ESDS can guarantee 99.99% uptime. Redundancy-to-the-rack is maintained using dual power & network supply.

How is identity and access managed?

Identity of every client is verified by our billing staff and his / her email address is kept as the primary access parameter for cloud account. Client gets access to all geographically configured clouds using the same access credentials. Different Access Control Lists are maintained for staff members involved in providing eNlight support and services. We use 7-16 character complex passwords that are auto generated and very hard to guess.

How is my data protected against privileged user abuse?

All privileged users involved in eNlight operations have to sign strict privacy policies with heavy penalties & legal implications in case of the breach. Additionally, the entire facility is physically protected with 7 layers of security along with 24x7 surveillance monitoring. The floors are free from personal items like bags & electronic gadgets. To ensure protection from online threats, every device connected to internet is placed behind a firewall. These firewalls store logs of all activities carried out by any privileged user on associated terminals. Most operations are automated to eliminate human errors and Access Control Lists are maintained for privileged users. Network, nodes and storages are handled separately with independent rack biometric authentication.

What levels of isolation are supported?

eNlight Cloud is built on 3 layers of isolation, which are :

  • Server logins and client billing details are isolated to highest layer. At this level, the access details may be disclosed only by the client.
  • Billing area and cloud servers.
  • Layer 3 switches for network isolation and security.

How are the systems protected against Internet threats?

eNlight cloud is protected against various threats over the internet by multiple protection mechanisms, which are :

  • Firewall - Enabled on all servers by default.
  • An IDS connected in parallel to the router continuously monitors traffic and blocks known threats such as application and network virus(es). It also helps detect and eliminate a possible DDoS attack.
  • 24 x 7 NOC teams keep a close watch on aberrant behaviours of network.
  • Data Security is guaranteed through data encryption and distributed enterprise storage.
  • Apart from password authentication, we can restrict the access to our Client's servers from specific IPs.

How are server activities monitored and logged?

eNlight Cloud monitors the servers continuously and provides resources within a very short span from load detection timestamp. These changes are logged in real time and are provided to the clients with a minimum of 5 minutes cycles.

What certifications does your service have?

Our services are certified with :

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 20000 / BS 15000
  • ISO 27001 / BS 7799

How eNlight Cloud can be Beneficial

Best-in-Class Security

Reduced TCO

Efficient Application Performance

Platform for Emerging Technologies

On-demand allocation of IT resources

Transparent Billing

Certifications and Compliances

Explore other Solutions to Deliver greater services

  • eNlight 360

    An on-premise hybrid cloud orchestration & management system.

  • Managed Services

    End-to-End Managed Services through certified administrators for Seamless Business Operations

  • eNlight WAF

    Enhance Web Application Security with Cloud-Hosted WAF.

  • eNlight OSv

    A Fully Managed Enterprise Class OS with built-in Hypervisor Solution

  • Security Operations Center

    Continuous compliance & on-demand/scheduled reporting as per industry standards

  • DRaaS

    Disaster Recovery service on eNlight Cloud to safe-guard mission-critical data

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