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ESDS Public cloud

How often do you think we use the public cloud?

Everyday! Yes, you read it right; we use the public cloud computing daily, directly or indirectly, through booking apps, chatting apps, and various applications that we use daily. The cloud has simplified our lives by making our data accessible anywhere and everywhere. But is your business using a cloud platform? Around 78% of IT professionals rely on the public cloud daily. In addition, more than 80% of companies want to increase the size of their public cloud infrastructure, and 43% of businesses now use the public cloud. Indian public cloud services spending is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29%, from INR 384 Bn. in 2020 to INR 1,103.4 Bn. in 2025.

Does your business need a Scalable, Secure & Reliable Public Cloud at an affordable price?

In the growing IT era, the on-premise IT infra is proving insufficient for most businesses. Either the on-premise private cloud is undersized or oversized. Moreover, with the increasing IT infrastructure comes recurring finance costs. More than six out of ten enterprises are moving their workloads to the cloud to save capital, the transition to the public cloud might be daunting. Your enterprise requires a cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with on-premise or private cloud environments and is agile enough to support your dynamic business. Because of their comprehensiveness, public cloud services are quickly becoming the most desired alternative for commercial applications. ESDS offers an agile, dynamic, managed, and highly secure public cloud platform that can assist you in meeting your cloud initiatives efficiently. As one of the best-managed Cloud service provider, ESDS serves 700+ clients on the scalable Public Cloud with tailor-made solutions.

Scalable, Secure & Reliable Public Cloud

Why is ESDS' Public Cloud the Best Choice for You?

The reliable, scalable, and secure public Cloud by ESDS provides a computing environment with auto-scalability for cloud resource provisioning and a new billing mechanism that allows enterprises to save significant amount of money.

  • ESDS has a fully compliant Cloud offering, be it a Bank, Government or an Enterprise
  • 24x7 Cloud Infra monitoring and managed service
  • 24x7 Managed Security Services – SOC Services
  • Flexible pay-per-use and pay-per-consumption billing model
  • Flexible deployment compute slab & models
  • 99.995% Cloud infrastructure uptime guarantee
  • Customized Cloud solutions
  • Flexible Cloud service plans with no obligations and short term contracts
  • 50% lower plan costs than our global Cloud competitors
  • Best-in-Class Fully Managed Security Services
  • Reduced TCO
ESDS Cloud Providers

Empower your business with the most reliable Public Cloud offerings

Cloud Features Empowering Your Business

ESDS cloud comes with our patented vertical auto-scaling as a feature where the cloud computing resources expand in real-time and within the Virtual Machine itself. You only pay for the consumed CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth when the VM is running; else, you only pay for storage. In the case of the ESDS public cloud, you never stop and shut your server down as our patented technology upgrades resources in live environment.

Pay-Per-Consume Model

Pay-Per-Consume invoicing enables organizations to pay only for the IT resources used. With the excellent transparency in the Pay-Per-Consume billing model, you eliminate the costs of unused resources and hidden charges or surcharges, thus saving a bag of rupees.


ESDS public cloud can customize, match, and obtain perfect permutations and combinations of your demands. It gives you the flexibility you have always wanted to integrate properly into your business plan. From your deployment through dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling, we empower our users to handle it all because we understand what it takes to provide you with a business-ready cloud.

ESDS Public Cloud Services
Live Migration

Other cloud services might not include a feature that allows seamless server migration. With ESDS public cloud, there is no need for a reboot while migrating to another server, auto-scaling, upgrading your applications, or even backing up. Our cloud performs all on the go so that you never stop.
This ability comes through an infrastructure built of:

  • Fiber Channel Disk Storage
  • Dual Storage Controllers
  • Vertically and Horizontally Auto-scalable VMs
  • Intel Nehalem Processors in each Cloud node
  • Internet Connectivity from Multiple Internet service Providers
  • Multiple Cisco & Juniper routers with 1.4 Tb processing power
  • Gigabit / Fast Ethernet Cisco, Dell and Juniper switches in multiple layers of network
Price-to-performance Ratio

Spend less on CAPEX, software upgrades, and human resources.

Support for Multiple Hypervisors

ESDS has hypervisors like HyperV, VMware, and Xen Server for smooth virtualization.

Cloud Made in India

Built in India by a team of the brightest and most dedicated Indians for Indians.

Assured Performance

ESDS public cloud supports many OS alternatives, including Linux and Windows, based on the server's load to preserve the speed of applications hosted with us.

ESDS Public Cloud Architecture
What Makes ESDS Cloud the Most Secure?

Security being the topmost priority for businesses, ESDS offers the best public cloud security measures. Horizontal Scroll/tabs for all 10 types

ESDS Cloud Security and Managed SOC Services

ESDS public cloud has been created to meet all security needs and combat all dangers prevalent in today's online environment. With the most secure public cloud, you can be confident that your application/website/information/database is safe. We ensure that our client's data is kept strictly private to maintain trust and faith in us. We follow the norms and regulations by implementing suitable security measures and encryption algorithms. We are qualified and competent to provide complete protection against data theft and information leaks, as well as to reduce risks and provide simple server security.

Physical Security

ESDS' experience building state-of-the-art, fully secure Datacenter has also been extended to eNlight Cloud Platform and our Data Center as well as the Cloud Infrastructure. We follow the strictest rules to enforce 100% security. Professional security staff rigorously controls physical access to cloud Infrastructure throughout the facility. Modern Security Systems, including video surveillance, biometric access control, and motion and entry detection cameras with alarms, are installed throughout the premise. Our seven-layer security ensures that only authorized personnel can access the Datacenter premises. All visitors are required to provide identification, after which a Staff member continuously escorts them. Datacenter Information and access are limited to a few employees with legitimate reasons and business needs. All-access to ESDS Datacenter is duly recorded and regularly audited to maintain a strict check.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

ESDS saves encrypted data on storage systems with various levels of protection. These security layers are further strengthened by best practices for storing cloud data, such as storage isolation from the public network and thick provisioning of storage to avoid sharing. ESDS cloud is built on hardware virtualization technology isolates cloud servers at the hypervisor layer. In addition, the cloud virtualization layer automatically resets a customer's block of storage, preventing one's data from being exposed to the other.

Server Isolation and Security

The isolation layer inside the ESDS cloud replicates cloud resources to meet the execution needs of the original server. As a result, servers and apps function on the cloud "as is," with no need for change or redesign and no downtime. The closely integrated components of the cloud can be readily expanded to provide server, application, and data security on physical, virtual, and cloud servers and virtual desktops.

Storage Security

Employees of ESDS cannot read the content of the files you keep in your cloud account, as your data is fully encrypted and our Cloud system administrators can only view the file's metadata (file names and locations). Cloud storage systems are isolated from the public network and safely tucked inside a private network, removing any hazards and assaults posed by the Internet. Traffic to and from the ESDS cloud is routed through multiple high-end Enterprise Firewalls rather than the Internet.

Network Isolation

ESDS Cloud uses network virtualization methods to segregate multiple internal and external cloud networks on the same hardware and allocate resources accordingly. This provides sound isolation and controlled network resource sharing among distinct users. In addition, network isolation has several benefits, like restricting viruses and worms spread into the isolated cloud network. Malicious users and external software cannot attack cloud servers because they lack the authentication credentials required to establish communication within ESDS' Isolated Network.

Network Security

Every consumer is kept in a separate VLAN by a backend L3 switch. This lowers minor network vulnerabilities while also providing considerable protection against typical network security concerns such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks, IP Spoofing, Port Scanning, and packet sniffing by other tenants. Security is provided on multiple levels: the host's operating system (OS), the virtual instance OS or guest OS, and the Firewall.

  • Private VLANs.
  • Optional hardware firewall or load-balancing.
  • Anti-spoof / anti-sniff firewall technology.
  • Customer isolation in the public cloud.
  • The ARP access list is used to avoid man-in-middle attacks and IP thefts.
  • On request dedicated Firewall Provision with SSL and IPsec VPNs.
  • High-end Cisco anomaly detector with sophisticated algorithms to analyze the traffic.
  • High-end Cisco anomaly Guard can handle 1Gbit/s traffic to protect the network from DDoS attacks.
  • Out-of-Path Traffic filtering system to block malicious traffic without affecting regular traffic.
Security Add-on for Public Cloud

ESDS has multiple ISP located at the data center, which work in redundancy with each other to ensure minimal downtime. Additionally, ESDS proposes a dedicated virtual Firewall for each department or client to ensure that every traffic passing through it is clean and secure. By providing a higher level of compatibility with client platforms and configurations for remote networks and firewalls, Web VPNs provide more reliable connections. ESDS also offers authenticated and unauthenticated operating system/network vulnerability scans, web application vulnerability scans, and database application vulnerability scans.

eNlight Security Standards

ESDS' services are certified with the following standards to ensure maximum security

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 20000 / BS 15000
  • ISO 27001 / BS 7799

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