Data Network

Get Speed, Connectivity, Redundancy
on a Robust Network built Globally


Enterprise-Grade Network Infrastructure to
Keep Your Apps Online 24/7

Get speed and performance for your enterprise applications, anywhere and anytime. Give a strong back bone to complex applications that run seamlessly on a wide spread network built across 3 continents. ESDS works on the objective of zero tolerance to downtime so that business flow is smooth and seamless.

Fast-Tracked Internet

  1. PoP of all major ISPs for high performance bandwidth and redundancy
  2. Redundant fiber network from Each ISP from multiple geographic location
  3. 40 and 10 Gbps network for east west cloud traffic
  4. Separate core network for enterprises-level customers for dedicated bandwidth
  5. Sound network infrastructure to handle intensive traffic load of cloud customers
  6. Separate MPLS network for Banking and enterprise customers

Enterprise Grade Routing Protocol

  1. BGP4 routing protocol for internet peering
  2. OSPF routing protocol for internal traffic
  3. GRE tunnel networks across multi datacenters
  4. Software defined network for cloud infrastructure

Meet Me Room

  1. Presence of all major ISP for all kind of connectivity
  2. MPLS and P2P connectivity availability for branch and office connectivity
  3. Cross connect facility available for all any ISP network
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