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Government Community Cloud

Accelerates Government of India’s Citizen -Centric Initiatives on Highly Scalable and best-in-Class Secure Platform

ESDS Government Community Cloud

ESDS is strengthening Government of India’s Digital initiatives through secure and compliant Government Community Cloud (GCC). Government institutions are increasingly migrating their workloads on Cloud because their existing legacy systems are not scalable and secure. We recognized the challenges and built a Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) empanelled and Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) audited Cloud platform that is trusted by 200 Government institutions of India. We are the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in India to develop a secure Cloud platform that has gained the confidence of multiple Government institutions and helped them digitalize public services.

Key Features of GCC


eNlight Cloud can create Dynamic Virtual Machine, that can scale both Vertically as well as Horizontally. Vertical Scaling will add/remove resources from a virtual machine as per its resource (CPU/RAM) requirement. Horizontal Scaling will add/remove virtual machine’s as per Horizontal Scaling Group resource (CPU/RAM) utilization. A virtual machine in eNlight Cloud is deployed from a Virtual Machine Template that contains required OS, Libraries, Application Files and Data. These virtual machine templates can be used to create both Vertically as well as Horizontally scalable Application Stack.

Audit and Reports

eNlight Cloud provides comprehensive monitoring for all virtual and physical devices. Incident reports can be obtained on demand. eNlight Cloud provides threshold based alerting system to report incidences in near real time. Following reports can be instantly downloaded or scheduled from the portal:

  • Alert Logs
  • Uptime Report
  • Service Uptime
  • Device Parameters
  • Resource Usage Graph
  • Device Resources
  • Device Bandwidth
  • WAN Link Report
Data Encryption and Data Security

Data in transit is encrypted by default using standard SSL/TLS encryption. This is mainly between end user and their Application. Applications deployed are configured with SSL/TLS to have data in transit encrypted. Data at rest is encrypted using multiple levels of encryption, OS Level as well as Storage level encryption. Data which is written into a disk is encrypted at rest.

Containers and Managed services

eNlight Cloud provides container orchestration infrastructure and management platform to deploy and run containers on premise as well as in multi-cloud environment. As part of managed services eNlight Cloud provides tools and support to migrate virtual machine based applications to containerized applications achieving Application modernization.

Flexible Instance Sizing

eNlight Cloud provides great flexibility while provisioning virtual machines, where users can specify required CPU and RAM resources at the granularity of per vCPU and GB of RAM.

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Cloud Advisor

eNlight Cloud does the study of the user’s previous operations and usage. Based on study and analysis, it advises the user to scale up or scale down his resources, which in the end will give the user required combinations of resources for optimizations

Managed Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics is available on demand as per requirements on eNlight Cloud Infrastructure. Structured and unstructured data can be processed and analysed using standard/open technologies that fit requirements.

Trusted Application Instances

In eNlight Cloud, Virtual machine OS and Container machine OS templates are by default hardened against security threats. VM and Container security hardening is available as per requirements based on specific application needs.

Data Storage and Retrieval

eNlight Cloud Object Store is REST API compatible data storage platform. Multi Tier data storage and retrieval as per hot, warm and cold tier requirements is available as per requirement. Archival of data is also available as per requirement.

Why Choose GCC

Government Community Cloud is an economical and flexible Cloud platform and has transformed the traditional ways Government institutions carry-out citizen initiatives. E-Governance services are now accelerated through high performance Cloud Solutions. GCC lays special focus on on-demand services, managed services, secure Cloud environments and maximum transparency through Pay-Per-Consumption billing model.

Patented Auto - Vertical Scaling

Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology


During the last three fiscal years, all our Data Centers, during their period of operation, have maintained an uptime of at least 99.995%

Compliant Cloud

Certified by Government of India to host data sensitive applications and power citizen-centric services

Made In India

Built by keeping in mind the Government’s security policies and Digital India initiatives

How GCC can be Beneficial

Best-in-Class Security with Regular Backups

Reduced TCO

Efficient Operations on Vertically Scalable Platform

Platform to roll-out Emerging Technologies

Ready to host Enterprise Applications

Faster Delivery of Public services

Explore other Solutions to Deliver greater services

  • Patented Auto - Vertical Scaling

    An on-premise hybrid cloud orchestration & management system.

  • ESDS VTMScan

    Securing Digital Identity of Businesses with Enhanced Web Security.

  • eNlight WAF

    Enhance Web Application Security with Cloud-Hosted WAF.

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ESDS Government Community Cloud

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