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eNlight WebVPN

Get Secured Access to Digital Transformation with eNlight WebVPN

eNlight WebVPN

Businesses across industries have been using legacy & client-based VPN, demanding customers to install VPN on every user device. These client-based VPNs faced issues such as application slowness, causing delays in service delivery. Lastly, businesses were unable to get a complete real-time overview of the remotely located users. To address various concerns related to client-based VPNs, ESDS introduced the first of its kind, clientless, highly scalable and available eNlight WebVPN. By leveraging ESDS eNlight WebVPN, employees across industries can now easily access the remotely hosted applications. Besides being highly secure, eNlight WebVPN is also a reputed and cost-effective clientless SSL VPN solution that can be easily accessed from any location using web browsers.

With eNlight WebVPN, users leverage an intelligent & cloud-hosted, clientless VPN solution that comes with a built-in WAF for providing Layer 7 Security. The built-in WAF also protects web applications from OWASP Top-10 and other online vulnerabilities. WebVPN has a high-performance incoming TCP load balancer (self-LB) and proxy balancer (backend server LB) for powerful multi-layered load balancing.

ESDS eNlight WebVPN Architecture

Why Choose eNlight WebVPN


Enable TLS to control user reputation, set up access control and block OWASP Top-10 attacks

High Availability

Nodes can be added to the cluster for increasing traffic capacity. WebVPN runs as an active cluster

Load Distribution

WebVPN distributes the incoming traffic across all nodes in the cluster. WebVPN then dispatches the traffic to a pool of web servers

Anomaly Detection

WebVPN integrates anomaly detection allowing the admin to identify the risky behaviors and create effective filtering policies.

Multiple IAMSupport

eNlight WebVPN supports various user identity management solutions. You can easily integrate with your existing AD, LDAP, MySQL, MongoDB or you can use eNlight IAM for your user management.

How WebVPN Can Be Beneficial

Clientless SSL WebVPN Solution

Granular access control

Easy to Deploy and Use

Cost-effective VPN solution

Scalable and HA

In-built WAF for OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities

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Comparing ESDS eNlight WebVPN with any other Legacy VPN

eNlight WebVPN

  • Clientless
  • More secure - Gives access to only Applications
  • Cost effective
  • Granular access control
  • Don't need to reconnct when intemet network changes
  • Ease to deploy and use
  • Scalable and HA
  • Provides WAF and OWASP Top 10 Vulnerebility protection

Legacy VPN

  • Client/Agent Based
  • Less Secure - Gives access to whole Network
  • High cost
  • Fixed access control
  • Need to reconnect when internet network changes
  • Complex to deploy and use
  • Less scalable and HA
  • WAF and other security features not available

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ESDS eNlight WebVPN

A Secure & Cost-effective VPN Solution

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