Get a Secured & Clientless VPN Solution for Remote Access with eNlight WebVPN

  • Clientless VPN Solution
  • Granular Application Access Control
  • Built-in WAF for preventing OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities

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Accessing a network through a client-based VPN solution involves installation of VPN software on client side which is a complex and inconvenient process for a user.

Establish a secure VPN Tunnel

ESDS eNlight WebVPN is a specially engineered and unique cloud based clientless VPN solution with built-in WAF for Layer7 security. ESDS eNlight WebVPN is the first client-less SSL VPN solution with built-in WAF (Web Application Firewall) for multi-layer security, incoming TCP load-balancer (self-LB), and proxy balancer (backend server LB) that provides high performance using powerful multilayered load-balancing with cross-platform support.

eNlight webVPN
backend server

Built-in WAF, HA, Self and
Backend Server load balancing

application access

Granular Application
Access Control

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication and
Time-based OTP Authenticators

Supports HTML5 Applications

Supports HTML5 Applications, Websocket, RDP, FTP Protocols, CGI Applications

Integrate With Multiple

Integrate With Multiple identity Providers Simultaneously (AD, LDAP, Radius, etc.)

Supports Windows

Supports Windows, MAC,
Linux and Mobile OS

  1. scalableScalable
  2. easy deployEasy to Deploy
  3. highly secureHighly Secure
  5. cost effectiveCost Effective
  6. HAHigh Availability

Comparing ESDS eNlight WebVPN with any other Legacy VPN

eNlight WebVPN

  1. Clientless
  2. More secure - Gives access to only Applications
  3. Cost effective
  4. Granular access control
  5. Don't need to reconnct when intemet network changes
  6. Ease to deploy and use
  7. Scalable and HA
  8. Provides WAF and OWASP Top 10 Vulnerebility protection

Legacy VPN

  1. Client/Agent Based
  2. Less Secure - Gives access to whole Network
  3. High cost
  4. Fixed access control
  5. Need to reconnect when internet network changes
  6. Complex to deploy and use
  7. Less scalable and HA
  8. WAF and other security features not available
ESDS eNlight WAF Whitepaper Download
ESDS eNlight WAF Data Sheet Download
ESDS eNlight WebVPN Whitepaper Download
ESDS eNlight WebVPN Data Sheet Download

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