ESDS Mission- 4 Bs by 2024

"Touching Lives of 1B+ people"

It is estimated 915 million Indians will be connected to the internet by 2026. ESDS has managed to connect more than 380 Million Indians, and it is our mission to take this number to 1 Billion Indian Citizens by 2024. We are touching lives of more than a billion people with advanced technologies.

"Connecting 1B+ Smart Devices"

ESDS aims to connect more than billion smart devices with its business solutions enabling a digital future. ESDS backs the largest pan-India project of smart meters. We are continuously striving to connect intelligent devices to auto-scalable eNlight cloud.

"Unicorn in Make in India Advanced Technology"

Make in India' Advanced Technology has proven to be instrumental in boosting manufacturing and IT sectors in India. Currently, India is the fourth-largest destination in creating unicorns. ESDS aims at delivering tech-advanced services to businesses and get recognized as a leading Unicorn from India.

"Raising 1B+ Trees"

We are on a mission to plant and raise more than a billion trees. ESDS is embracing the green revolution by distributing more than one lakh seeds across the nation. Millions of people support our tree planation drives pan-India. ESDSians have been actively contributing to making our motherland greener by giving back more than what we receive.

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