Banking Community Cloud

Banking Community Cloud

+ Bank Branches Connected & Monitored
+ Banks Host DC & DR with ESDS
st Successfully Implemented ASP Model in India

Cloud Services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS especially tailored for financial services

Key Benefits

  • One stop shop for all BFSI needs
  • Ready compliance and certifications
  • Maximum security
  • Managed Services
  • Exuberant support
  • Cost-effective
  • SSO feature

With a working experience involving over 280 banks including private, PSUs, micro finance, district central co-operatives, apex, rural, scheduled and other financial organizations, ESDS’ distinct Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (Banking) Community Cloud has been developed keeping the sector’s smallest of concerns in mind. ‘Moving to Cloud’ has emerged as an organic process for banks today to reduce costs and save resources while providing efficient and secure services. Governments too demand complete compliance and maintenance of security standards as per laws and regulations. Taking the cloud computing approach is only natural for banks today because it decreases total cost of ownership, provides more flexibility and agility as well as offers relief from software licensing management. Other benefits include reduced hardware costs and added time to focus on customer-centric and active business models.

The Banking Community Cloud includes everything from IT infrastructure, cloud hosting and banking software to digital banking and artificial intelligence-based processes. With a widespread network of partners, ESDS has already formed India’s first Application Service Providers (ASP) model to cater to banks’ end-to-end needs. All these services are backed with ESDS’ 24x7 exuberant support, 100% uptime promise and accreditations from STQC, PCI-DSS and ISO.

Meanwhile, the Banking Community Cloud that is backed by eNlight cloud portal’s SSO authentication makes management and monitoring of the cloud easier for IT heads and CIOs.

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