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SAP Hosting Services

Get the Right Scale for Your SAP Application

It's Now Easy to Run Your Mission-Critical SAP in Cloud

Your SAP application is mission-critical. You need a timely upgrade, a secure patch and the right scale for your app simultaneously when your critical tasks are running. Build your SAP application on ESDS’ SAP certified practices which include – a deeper SAP know-how, expertise in SAP analysis and implementation, advanced technology and Tier III infrastructure. Get built-in scalability and flexibility to generate optimal response time for your application. Get the leverage to choose your own set of SLA, and host your SAP Infrastructure at reduced costs and features to keep a tab on ongoing expenses.

Get eNlight Cloud for Your SAP Application


Cost-Effective SAP

Normally, SAP is configured in a clustered environment which not only increases the cost but also creates problems at the time of administering and managing them. ESDS provides SAP solutions where we configure/setup your SAP on an auto-scaled, high availability virtualized environment which reduces the cost of set up and management of cluster.

  • Small-to-medium scale enterprises get an opportunity to enter into SAP industry because with ESDS’s SAP managed hosting solution, there aren’t any high upfront investments
  • Your SAP infrastructure can be shown as monthly recurring expense instead of showing it as debt in your balance sheet.
  • You can improve ROI with a solution that offers online billing predictor, allowing you to calculate monthly expenditure and also your average upcoming monthly cost.

SAP on eNlight Cloud


Hosted SAP Gets eNlight

SAP on eNlight is increasingly becoming popular amongst most business types– small scale as well as large scale. Two reasons for its popularity are- Dynamic Resource Scaling Technology and Real time cost-savings. The new pay-per-use and hosted model of SAP is designed to provide enterprise SAP solution to small and medium sized companies with very low upfront costs, unlike the traditional way of investing huge amount into the IT hardware and SAP licenses before setting up the SAP application. This means that the customer is no longer required to buy any IT hardware or the software licenses for being a part of the SAP world.

Get eNlight’s Dynamic Resource Scaling for Your SAP

Auto scale. Allocate resources on the fly. eNlight is an auto-scalable cloud which allows you to scale without a reboot, so that your business runs absolutely seamlessly.

Your SAP is Customizable, Managed & Secure

  • User friendly and Customizable Business Process Applications
  • Tier III Infrastructure Services
  • 24*7 Online Support for any Emergency or Support
  • eNlight’s 7 high specification security layers for end-to-end SAP security

Save Your SAP Cost



Pay on a monthly basis for the number of user accounts and amount of RAM+CPU consumed in that particular month. Good for customers who certainly do not have too many users and occasionally consume high number of resources


Pay only for the SAPs used to run the application. Ideal for customers who have high number of SAP user requirements, but operate small-sized databases or applications which do not require a lot of computing power

We build your Hosted SAP Model on Fujitsu’s Flex Frame in combination of other providers like HP & DELL. Flex Frame is a platform explicitly designed for the hosted SAP Business Suite. With Flex Frame, Fujitsu are the first to provide an adaptive platform for SAP computing, while being compliant with SAP technology.


High Availability

Special Bots Maintaining High Uptime for Your SAP Application

For maintaining high uptime, we have your SAP hosted in a special technology environment. Special bots/ applications are installed on each hardware component. These bots are Autonomous agents which are further bifurcated into control agents and application agents. Collectively, they monitor the functionality of hardware as well as software to ensure high availability of the solution. The agents have special powers to intervene in case of a failure and make the required changes. It is thus a proactive automatic repair, enabling you to get rid of all known/ unknown problems instantly. A few intervention mechanisms used by Autonomous agents-

  • Check health of the service; restart it in case of errors.
  • Check health of nodes; restart / reboot node in case of errors.
  • In case of critical errors, move operations to another node and restart / reboot / shutdown the former node
  • In case of severe damage, Power-Off the node
  • Prioritize services if needed.
  • Start and stop services whenever they are required or not required

Your business has dual benefits on the Hosted SAP Solution – Cloud Technology & eNlight’s Pay-Per-Use.

Especially for SAP, ESDS uses cloud technology where we integrate Fujitsu’s Flex frame in combination with enterprise hardware providers like Dell and HP to ensure high reliability for a complex SAP infrastructure. eNlight’s high scale environment is achieved by going through a major configuration paradigm shift in SAP infra technology. See how

SAP servers are configured to boot over the network using a shared operating system
  • Insertion of SAP virtualization by decoupling of application and operating system
  • Allowing SAP database to get attached to either shared or dedicated storage
  • Provision of a revolutionary mechanism through Autonomous agents for the implementation of high availability function without any cluster services.

Get Fail Proof SAP for Your Business Disaster Recovery
Solutions from eNlight

Cut every chance of failure, cost-effectively.

Cost of a DRaS for Hosted SAP/ ERP is almost negligible. How we do this for you is "Use feature rich storage systems." The features as well as the functions integrated with the storage systems used in the Hosted SAP/ERP landscape make it very simple to offer a cost effective and reliable Disaster Recovery Services.

Cut every chance of failure, flawlessly.

To achieve the highest level of data accuracy on the alternate site, a solution using storage subsystem-based or real-time host-based mirroring is implemented in combination with eNlight.

Normally a host-based mirroring is recommended for a cross-site SAN configuration, as it ensures the availability of data on both the sites and that data is accessed via virtualization layer which makes it transparent to the application to pick up the actual copy to be used.

IP Network

It’s the back bone of your hosted SAP application. Having a comprehensive IP network is mission-critical. With ESDS’s solution, you get a dedicated internal network connection between server and storage, which not only communicates between servers and clients comprehensively but also provides IO blocks from the SAN to respective servers. For security reasons, no external traffic is allowed to go through the internal network.

By default the client traffic is routed through the external network. The internal network with the hosted SAP infrastructure is redundant to ensure reliability. All the internal and external ports are connected through a 1Gbit / sec for all hardware components to handle high data traffic. The connection from NetWeaver application server to storage is connected at 10Gbit/sec. The failover for network failure is very intelligently handled on the hosted SAP environment. The term "LAN Failover" defines the ability to use a logical network interface that consists of more than one network adaptor or ports, which is again connected to multiple network paths. Whenever there is network hardware failure, the network management logic switches to the secondary available path via a network adaptor or port. When both the ports in one single NIC fail, then the failover to another server is initiated.

The infrastructure is also configured with different virtual LAN within the application with 2 switches to ensure performance and high availability. VLANs are further distributed in :

  • Client LAN
  • Control LAN
  • Server LAN
  • Storage LAN

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