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ESDS' Leadership Team

Management Team

Piyush Somani

Founder, CMD & Chief Executive Officer

"Customer service will always remain at the forefront of our Business..."

Dr. Rajeev Papneja

Chief Growth Officer

"My deeds reflect my soul’s truth. I am integrated in thought, word and action ."

Dr. Chandra Mauli Dwivedi

Chief Human Resource Officer

Sandeep Mehta

Chief Finance Officer

Rashmi Bhargava

CRO & CEO - Global Bussiness

Komal Somani

Chief Brand Officer

"Good is the enemy of GREAT."

Kishore Shah


Rajendra Varma

Chief Service Delivery Officer

Leadership Team

Colonel Deepak Anand

National Head for Technology and Government Sector

Rahul Baweja

VP - Technology Operations


Purushottam Aher

GM - SAP Operations


Rushikesh Jadhav

Chief Technologist

"Achievements are not end, they are the beginning of a new journey."

Ashok Pomnar

Chief Technologist

"Never stop learning as life never stops teaching."

Vivek Kharpude

Head of Solutions

"Trust the Supreme within you and let him take care of the rest."


Director- Alliances

"Experience is Luck."

Chetan Chandole

Director - Government, PSU and Strategic Business

"Work is Worship."

Sandesh Sonar

Director - BFSI

"Good Players Inspire Themselves, Great Players Inspire Others."

Sanchit Taraiya

Regional Director - North, Government

"Don't Sell, Help Your Customer Buy."

Mahavir Goel

Regional Director - North, Enterprise

"Customer is the only boss."

Lokesh Sharma

Regional Director-West, Government & PSU

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

Ankush Sethi

Regional Director - West Enterprise

"Transact or Transform, Choice is always Ours!"

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