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IT Infrastructure & Cloud Hosting

Hosted Core Banking Infrastructure (DC + DR)

Providing our customers with a combination of Infrastructure as well as Software as a service, ESDS’ Hosted Core Banking Infrastructure is one the most sought-after mission critical apps. In this our solution experts also take care of your network and service needs, managed services hosting and disaster recovery. We work with some of the best partners offering a totally customizable and top-of-line solution that is fully integrable with all the channels according to banks’ needs. Built on deep understanding of unique work cultures of different banks, our CBS solution helps you host your infra components in the most effective way.

Our Hosted DR solution makes sure all your environments are backed-up with a secure DR platform involving DR replication tools, methods DR Drill activities as well as infrastructure, software, network and connectivity managed services and support.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability: With transactions being processed in bulk volumes everyday, your business priority is to be able to scale up without breaking in between
  • Flexibility: Banking has numerous changeable modules for which you need the flexibility to configure the right mix of IT resources at the right time
  • Agility: To keep up with the fast paced competition, your banking technology must be able to quickly adapt to number of changes and transformations
  • Cost Controls: To meet the challenge of extending best quality banking services while maintaining a low cost structure, you require core banking

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BCP Planning - Near DR & Far DR

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is extremely vital for financial institutions whose most operations and apps are mission critical. A downtime of even 30 minutes could be disastrous and thus ESDS’ BCP Planning - Near DR & FAR DR services is here and has been assisting companies to build a plan that ensures that business processes can continue with excellent uptime even during a time of emergency. We make sure that organization’s business process stay responsive and resilient with fast recovery solution at all times. Our solutions, specially designed for the banking, finance, and insurance sector, are equipped with high-end replication tools that serve geo-spatial sites with near DR and far DR option. Our DR experts’ team helps you meet your RPO and RTO for Primary Site near DR, replicated to Cloud with far DR or Cloud to Cloud DR.

Key Benefits

  • EUnremitting operational and customer service support
  • Minimizes financial or revenue loss
  • Cultivates stake holders’ confidence in the organization
  • Maintains brand value and reputation
  • Gives compliance benefits
  • Provides competitive edge
  • Brings more business
  • Maintains supply chain commitments and order fulfillments

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Along with confidentiality, your bank needs continuity. Regardless of size, your bank must meet the client demands so that you remain true to "Anywhere Anytime" banking promise.

Generate 100% uptime with our Cloud-hosted Disaster Recovery or DRaS Model for Core Banking.

Your bank gets easy recovery by moving to eNlight Cloud within no time, in case a disaster strikes. You get Core Banking Plus* with continuous High Performing Applications through auto-switch to DR site and Real time data and application replication.

Stay empowered with our Disaster Recovery Solution which saves up to 90% of your DR costs.

Key Benefits

  • Auto scalability of servers at the DR site as per demand of resources
  • Zero Infrastructure setup and maintenance costs
  • Extremely low investment in terms of cost and time
  • 24x7 monitoring and support
  • Single DR site for multiple DC’s
  • Fully Automated, lack of manual intervention saves time
  • Auto switch to DR site at the time of disaster
  • 100% business availability, that is almost ‘zero downtime’ at the time of disaster
  • Save up to 90% of DR hosting cost
  • Real time data and information replication
  • Save up to 85% of Hardware Cost

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Turnkey Solutions

Banks, credit societies and financial organizations can make the best out of Tier III infrastructure, technical expertise and comprehensive solution package to build a turnkey datacenter or a disaster recovery site to fully build-deploy-manage-monitor their banking data and apps.

Your bank is different than the other one in the financial market, and so is your turnkey requirement. Collaborate with turnkey project experts to carry out in-depth study of your banking business and true-match a turnkey solution with your need.

Plug-in Ready Data Centers

End-to-End Solution Deployment and Management:
Gives you independence from infrastructure and technology assembly.
Suite of Service:
Access Raised Floor, Service Contracts, Security Systems, Air Conditioning, Utp & F.O. Cabling, General Construction etc.

LEED Compliant and Metered Power:
Sets you free from paying extra costs, through usage and cost monitoring
Wholesale Space:
Allows you to move faster with DC Projects.
24*7 Exuberant Support:
Extends expert technical help to you, whenever you need it.


Get Co-location for greater control over your server. Your bank application, web and mail servers need an all-power infrastructure, with redundant storage and network so that your banking business is highly available.

Tier III ESDS provides longevity to your servers, since they are housed in N+1 environment which produces high power, storage and network redundancy. Easily accommodate 1U, 2U and 4U rack mount or blade servers. In case of custom requirements, get Quarter, Half, or Full Rack cabinets.

The Back-Bone of Your Server

  • 1U, 2U, 20U to 42U Server Colocation
  • High Power density per rack
  • Power from Online Substation, Transformers & N+1 HVAC Systems, 2N+1 Redundant UPS System
  • High capacity power diesel generators with ATS panel
  • Direct Expansion (DX) based Precision Air Conditioners (PAC)
  • Smoke Detection System (VESDA) for Fire Safety
  • Meet Me Room, Bandwidth from Multiple ISPs, Redundant Routers and Switches for enhanced connectivity
  • Centralized Building Management System (BMS) for server health monitoring
  • Fully managed 24*7 Exuberant Support

Cloud Hosting Services (Private, Public, Hybrid)

Moving to cloud has become a must for most financial institutions today primarily because of applications. A major stumbling block for big investments in new technologies has always been the capital expenditure needed for new infrastructure. With cloud computing, financial institutions only have to budget for operational expenses and pay for the services they use. Also, no single cloud services delivery model is the silver bullet for best meeting the cloud hosting demands of BFSI segment and thus, ESDS provides all types of cloud hosting services to the BFSI sector with an experience of having built a community cloud for the Indian co-operative banking sector with over 280 banks in the kitty. We provide fully customizable and auto-scalable private, public as well as hybrid cloud hosting solutions that fit unique business needs.

Our cloud hosting services comprising of the right service, deployment, and operating models also provide a secure environment for banks and such institutes that have a plethora of mission-critical data and apps. Our services are also compliant with all official standards set by governing bodies.

Key Benefits

  • Turn large upfront capital into smaller operational costs and save money with pay-per-consume model of cloud hosting
  • Business continuity with plan having disaster recovery & data protection
  • Business agility with shorter development cycles for new products
  • Moving to virtual environment reduces energy consumption

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eMagic – Data Center Management & Monitoring Suite

eMagic is an on-premise web based system that provides IT infrastructure monitoring tool for Banks and eMagic can be widely used for IT asset management, device deployment, comprehensive server monitoring and network management in datacenters, branches of banks spread across different geo-locations. With eMagic IT teams belonging to the BFSI sector get security, visibility and compliance. It has an auto discovery feature which helps banks IT team to discover all devices and deploy them in rack or locations in just two clicks. With three clicks concept build, deploy and manage, devices of multiple branches across multiple geo-locations can be managed easily. eMagic is an affordable and easy tool to deploy, use, and customize. You can automatically discover your system’s environment and start monitoring in about an hour. No professional services or consultation needed to manage banks confidential data.

Key Benefits

  • Branch to DC connectivity monitoring
  • Remote IT asset management & monitoring for all locations handled from one dashboard
  • Proactive monitoring & troubleshooting for entire IT infrastructure and services running in bank
  • Vendor SLAs for multiple IT services monitored through alter mechanism & violation report generation
  • Reporting mechanism for all IT services/devices required in banking IT on daily, monthly, quarterly bases for review
  • Proactive health & performance monitoring of application & database

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Connectivity Solution with Managed Services (MPLS/ ILN/ VPN/ IP Sec)

The BFSI segment has turned to cloud-based applications and services that typically replace on-premise applications. However, security concerns are always raised when it comes cloud based solutions and thus, ESDS has implemented a customized solution for costumers, especially corporate enterprise clients, to protect their data and maintain utmost privacy. ESDS' technical team’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) has worked as an excellent solution for connecting to cloud-based services because of feature like private and improved levels of connectivity, availability of infrastructure redundancy and potential for traffic prioritizing among others.

ESDS goes out of the way to provide high uptime and speed. In certain cases where banks were facing uptime issues due to heavy load shedding in peak banking hours, ESDS deployed a hybrid solution comprising solar panels to generate power and thus managed to maintain uptime. ESDS also deployed high-level electronics at every branch location to maintain the uptime.

Key Benefits

  • Separate MPLS network for banking and enterprise customer
  • MPLS connectivity availability for every branch and office

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Website Development - Hosting & Email Hosting

Manage all your banking needs with customized web and mobile applications. ESDS' development helps you discover opportunities for growth and innovation by building cutting-edge website applications that help to grow your business digitally. We provide application development and maintenance by building experiences for iPhone, Android and Windows. We also deliver complete mobility solution that meets the needs of banking & finance sector industries and end users. ESDS helps you concentrate on the core competencies of your bank and attain competitive advantage. ESDS' core development team makes use of technological knowledge and domain expertise, for creating websites for banking and insurance sector industries. The web development services by ESDS for various banking sector industries are meant to increase regulation compliance, efficiency, reliability and security of operations.

With more than 8 years of experience in designing and creating banking and financial websites for banking and finance sector industries. We at ESDS provide the best of both worlds: quality-oriented custom web design with tools and compliance regulations required in the financial industry.

Key Benefits

  • Mobile-friendly banking applications and responsive web design across all browsers and screens
  • Multilingual and multi-site applications to fulfill the need of clients from multiple regions, communities
  • Interactive, media-rich and personalized apps and sites to keep your customers engaged

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