Your data is too precious to let it go off in a disaster

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service

Are you still using local backups for your business-critical information?

Local backups are a fantastic place to start, but what will get your systems and services up and running as soon as possible when a cyberattack or a simple software problem knocks them out?

20% organizations who kept their backups onsite or did not maintain any backups at all were shutdown post a Cyberattack or mistakes of their local staff

The 9/11 attack on the Twin towers is a testimony to the above statement. Many businesses in both towers closed post the attack.

When it comes to your most critical data, you want to be at peace of mind about its backups and security. We at ESDS keep redundant off-site copies of your servers, databases, and policies to protect your data on the most secure cloud platform. With ESDS Backup & Recovery, you can geo-redundantly replicate your data and recover individual files, applications, or a whole system in seconds by:

  • Disaster Recover(DR) testing automation
  • System generated Documentation
  • Keeping RPO and RTO to a minimum level
  • Providing resiliency through one-click recovery

Datacenter Location for DR Implementation
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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service

Robust and Reliable DRaaS by ESDS

What is the annual cost of maintaining high quality hot Disaster Recovery solution vs cold backups vs cost of your primary site?

An offsite Warm Disaster Recovery solution does not cost much compared to a cold backup solution. ESDS is the only company in the world to have vertical auto-scaling technology in Cloud. Your Virtual machines will remain in miniature mode till the time you don’t plan to do a DR drill or something unfortunate happens with your primary site. Your primary site can be either your on-premise infra or it can be a Cloud solution from AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Cloud4C or anyone else.

The automated backup and recovery solution from ESDS safeguards your company's and your customer's data in case of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or simple human mistake. It is the most secure, cloud-based, and scalable Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS) to save your data from any and every disaster.

Hot DR

Hot standby to take over immediately in the event of a failover without any data loss

Near Zero RPO/RTO
Warm DR

Compromise between hot & cold sites

Std. RTO/RPO Asynchronous Replication
Cold DR

Whose purpose is solely to be there in case the main server is lost

No Commitment on RPO/RTO

HOT Warm Cold
Typical RTO 30 Sec to 30 min 30 Min to 72 Hrs. Greater than 72 Hrs.
Typical RPO Zero No Data Loss > Zero Some Data Loss No Commitment

ESDS DRaaS is simple to integrate with your systems and allows you to swiftly alter your storage requirements without investing in costly hardware. In addition, DRaaS from ESDS offers super-fast recovery time, low cost and on demand scale-up of resources.

    Reduce Downtime
  • Resume activities from a single file to an entire data center in seconds.
    Availability at all times
  • Stay fully prepared for disruptions and natural disasters.
    The capacity to Scale Affordably
  • Without a secondary data center, you can achieve world class Enterprise level disaster recovery solution.

With our DRaaS on Cloud, you get automated recovery for any disaster by:

  • Protecting your business from data loss and system failures
  • Quickly recovering from disasters with minimal downtime
  • Keeping your business running smoothly, even in the event of a crisis
  • Offering peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure
ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service
ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service

Plan Your Disaster Recovery on the Cloud

Collaborate with Exuberant DR Experts as you develop a DRaaS Plan for your business type

    Reduce your risk
  • A strong disaster recovery plan will increase availability and uptime.
    Time is money
  • Using a configurable template, update your disaster recovery plans daily.
    Restore with confidence
  • With automatically scheduled tests, you may avoid RPO and RTO infractions.


  • To liberate internal IT resources
  • To evaluate recoverability regularly
  • To satisfy legal obligations
  • The top data security DRaaS provider
  • To have peace of mind while running your business 😇
ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service

Get Started with the Cloud DRaaS now!

Don't let a disaster cripple your business. Trust in our DRaaS to keep your company running, no matter what happens.
ESDS Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our Competencies

Ensure a successful recovery as ESDS Cloud offers fully integrated, cost-effective disaster recovery!
    Encrypted and Securely Designed
  • A secure SSL/TSL connection encrypts data at the source.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Fast, integrated, and image-based disaster recovery.
  • Managed on Your Terms
  • Choose your management level and SLAs, from hands-on to managed

Our Solutions

  • DR for Enterprise
    A resilient DR architecture can assist organizations in improving their business results while providing 100% uptime and a cost-effective solution.
  • SAP/ERP Data Recovery
    Cross Platform DR is specifically designed for complex dynamic data building key features for disaster tolerance and high availability
  • DR For Banks
    Critical banking data necessitates a DR architecture that provides robust server and network security in conjunction with data mirroring. DRaaS on multi-layered cloud infrastructure increases the security of your sensitive banking data.


  • Reduction of DR Costs by 90%
  • DR setup at only 30% of your DC costs.

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