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Is your data encrypted due to a Ransomware Attack?

Get in touch with our Cybersecurity experts immediately. Our Cybersecurity team of over 100 experts has done the magic for many organizations and helped them recover 100% of their data without paying a penny to the hackers.

The Escalating Threat of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. In 2022, there were an estimated 623.3 million ransomware attacks globally, a 78% increase from 2021.

Ransomware attacks affect businesses of all sizes. In 2022, ransomware attacks affected 66% of organizations, regardless of their size.

Ransomware attacks can be very costly. The average ransom payment in 2022 was $170,000, but some organizations have paid millions of dollars to regain access to their data.

Paying ransom may not get your data back. In 2022, only 29% of organizations that paid a ransom were able to recover all of their data.

Ransomware attacks can have a significant impact on businesses. In addition to the financial cost of paying a ransom, ransomware attacks can also lead to lost productivity, damaged reputations, and even permanent business closure.

Ransomware: A Daunting Reality by the Numbers

Ransomware has emerged as one of the most significant cybersecurity threats in today's digital landscape. While hackers, smaller organizations and local governments traditionally targeted large enterprises and national governments are now also falling victim to these attacks. Shockingly, in 2022 alone, ransomware attacks resulted in a staggering extortion of US$456.8 million. The global cost of cybercrime was estimated at US$8.4 trillion in 2022, with projections indicating that this figure will surpass US$11 trillion by the end of 2023.

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), recovering from such incidents can be nearly impossible. There is an urgent need for strong cybersecurity measures and effective anti-ransomware solutions provided by ESDS to combat the growing frequency and complexity of attacks. Get in touch with our Cybersecurity experts now.


Why Choose ESDS to Protect Your Data from Dangerous Ransomware?

Harnessing a vast array of resources, ESDS employs extensive security measures for threat activity data, analyzes millions of spam and phishing attacks, and maintains a repository of reputation data on millions of malicious IP addresses, all obtained from a network comprising 50 million+ endpoints. This comprehensive approach enables ESDS to proactively prevent and combat modern ransomware threats with unparalleled precision and effectiveness. ESDS adheres to industry-standard STIX and TAXII protocols to enhance the prevention and mitigation of cyber-attacks. These protocols enable the efficient sharing of threat information and facilitate effective communication between security systems, ensuring prompt response and robust protection against evolving threats.

Ransomware Trend Monitoring

Our security team proactively monitors emerging ransomware trends and tracks the activities of ransomware groups. This includes gathering information about the organizations influenced by ransomware and sharing valuable insights. By identifying the specific ransomware type that infects a system and detecting existing decryption or recovery methods, we streamline these processes under the term "Monitoring". This allows us to gain valuable insights and offer customized solutions to prevent attacks from evolving ransomware strains.

Implementing Robust Security

Implementing robust security measures is crucial for protecting your business from ransomware attacks. A team of experts works to establish a strong defense system that includes various components. First, firewalls are deployed to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic. These firewalls act as a barrier between your internal network and external threats, filtering out malicious activities and unauthorized access attempts.

Advisory Program

Our unique Advisory Program offers a comprehensive guide to best security practices. Information security advisory as a service is a powerful method to improve the security landscape of the organization against the threats that might compromise the data as well as the privacy of the organization’s processes and transactions. Through this program, we provide expert insights and recommendations tailored to your specific business needs.

Your online safety is at the heart of our mission


How ESDS Helps You Protect Your Data From Ransomware?

ESDS implements these three essential steps: detect, respond, and recover. With the support of ESDS' managed security services and tools and expert guidance, you can leverage deep data security analytics, seamlessly integrate cutting-edge security tools to gain valuable threat insights, and equip your teams with a comprehensive response

ESDS uses intelligent security analytics to improve the ability to detect and respond to threats. These analytics lead to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack, minimize the impact of an attack, and improve their overall security posture.

ESDS offers a comprehensive Backup solution through MeitY empaneled ESDS Cloud.

Our services include:

  • Setting up the Backup solution
  • Moving the differential backups to remote locations
  • Customizing policies to meet specific customer requirements
  • Allocating storage capacity for backups.
  • Providing 24/7 support.

Our comprehensive defensive security services offer subscription-based programs for incident preparation, detection, and emergency response. By leveraging our services, you can proactively identify, swiftly respond to, and effectively contain potential incidents, mitigating any substantial damage that may arise.

ESDS offers a dynamic SOC-as-a-Service, empowering businesses with comprehensive security solutions like network security, endpoint security, dark web monitoring, Vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing. Our comprehensive cybersecurity services offer numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in your organization's security processes. This results in cost reductions and faster detection and remediation of security events, streamlining your overall security operations. With access to top-notch security solutions, our advanced technologies and expert analysts proactively detect and respond swiftly to threats, ensuring the safety of your assets. Leave the continuous monitoring, detection, and remediation to us with our SOC-as-a-Service, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we safeguard your security 24/7.

Our comprehensive security solutions encompass compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, along with industry expertise and certifications. With tailored policies and procedures, we enhance your security posture, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber threats. Trust our team to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and protect your business with confidence.

ESDS offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to strengthen your security posture. Our PAM solutions provide comprehensive control over privileged accounts, ensuring only authorized users have access to critical systems and data. With granular access controls, session monitoring, and robust auditing capabilities, ESDS helps you prevent unauthorized access, detect potential breaches, and swiftly respond to any security incidents.

VTMScan provides an exceptional feature known as Content Change Monitoring, which offers website owners a distinctive advantage. This feature diligently monitors any modifications made to website content and promptly notifies the owners. With VTMScan's comprehensive scanning solution, you gain in-depth visibility into potential threats. The moment a threat looms, you receive instant alerts, ensuring that you can take immediate action to safeguard your website.

ESDS eNlight WAF is a highly advanced Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that offers intelligent protection. With its robust capabilities, you can effectively filter both incoming and outgoing web traffic, safeguarding your applications from various threats such as injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and other OWASP Top10 vulnerabilities.

Featured Ransomware Protection Solutions

• Endpoint Detection & Response

• Incident Response Service

• Managed Detection & Response

• Email Security

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