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SOC as a Service

ESDS SOC Services Protects Your Data Against All Cyber Attacks

ESDS SOC as a Service

Cybersecurity breaches are no longer seasonal; they have a climatic presence now. Irrespective of the organization's size or type, it is now important to ensure a dedicated team has the right skills and tools to identify, detect, and defend against these cybersecurity breaches. Ensuring that customers are protected against digital and cyber threats while taking the pain of CAPEX and OPEX Investment away from the customer is what ESDS endeavors to achieve. ESDS has constantly been enhancing various organizations' digital and cybersecurity posture through its best-in-class SOC Services.

Enhancing an Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

With ESDS SOC service offerings, companies can cut down on the expenses typically associated with cybersecurity while enjoying advanced protection from intrusions & malware. ESDS SOC Offerings are provided through experienced professionals and from Tier III Cloud infrastructure that is certified for various Security Standards. For businesses large and small, ESDS SOC services make it possible for companies to focus on doing what companies do best — focusing on promoting their own products and services and offloading security to trained professionals.

ESDS SOC Services Include

Eagle Eye Services

Eagle Eye Services is a subscription-based service that enables Security monitoring to ensure Customer's Security Posture maintenance and reports security incidents with actionable intelligence to ensure speedy mitigation for Security Incidents.

Security InSight Services

Security InSight Services helps Customers identify the current security posture of its information systems and, thereby, the organization. ESDS Security InSight Services also helps identify critical security elements that may need to be added to the environment to meet the customer's desired Security posturing.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

With an increase in the complexity of systems, more vulnerabilities are identified regularly. ESDS Vulnerability Assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes your organization's computing environment's information security strengths and weaknesses from a technical perspective.

Total Secure Services

The scope of the Total Secure Services comprises all the deliverables of Eagle Eye Services. Additionally, the following will also be included within the Total Secure Services

  • Proactive remediation of security incidents with customers in the loop
  • On-site availability of ESDS Security expert in case of critical security issues for mitigation/advisory on the resolution of critical issues
  • Periodic planned site visit to the customer by ESDS Security Experts for analyzing the customer's security environment. Also, offer recommendations and best practices to the customers.

Total Secure Services also requires the customer to avail the Security Augmentation and Assessments for allowing ESDS to have a complete understanding of the customer environment with all the recommendations implemented.

Why Choose ESDS SOC Services

Indigenous Products and Solutions

All the products and solutions offered in SOC services are entirely indigenous, backed by an industry experience spanning more than 15 years

Complete Data Security

The SOC Services ensures complete security of business by hosting data within Indian geographical boundaries in Rated-III Indian Data Centers

Service-Based Offerings

All the services offered within SOC are a service and subscription-based model. All SOC services follow an OPEX model rather than CAPEX by cutting down unwanted costs

Compliance with Industry Standards

All the operations within ESDS SOC Services are compliant to the latest industry standards and norms

How SOC Can Be Beneficial

Complete Security Coverage

Cost-Effective Service Offerings

Industry Recognition

Gain Deeper Insights

Trusted Alliances and Partners

Exuberant Support

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