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  • Out-of-the-box AI & ML Threat Intelligence
  • User Behaviour and Event Analytics with Real-time Threat Hunting & Detection

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Why SOC is needed?

In this age of sophisticated digital hackers, one needs to be very cautious in order to not fall victim to a cyber-security attack. Almost every day we hear about a cyber-attack on businesses which has not only disturbed their IT environment but has also resulted in great loss of data and probably money too. It is essential to take the right steps to ensure that your business is safe and there are no vulnerabilities and threats looming over your IT assets.

The number of cyber-attacks has grown exponentially over the past few years because newer threats have been constructed as attackers have found new ways to exploit systems and networks of a business. The cyber-criminal community is evolved from Morris worm to ransomware and other organized crime that have high payoff, many countries are working to stop such attacks, but these attacks are continuously changing and brutally attacking our businesses and nation.

cyber security

This is the list of Top Cyber Security Threats in the world

  • Ransomware
  • Trojan Horse
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Exploit Kits
  • Insider Threats

Cybersecurity is gaining importance at the back of increased cyberattacks. Estimates suggest that Indian companies have lost USD 500,000 to cyberattacks over the last 18 months.

cyber security

Companies with no Cyber
Incident Response Plan

cyber security

Companies with no Detailed
Cyber Risk Assessment

cyber security

Lack Data
leakage Prevention

cyber security

With No Logging & Monitoring
of Critical Systems

cyber security

BFSI Sector is
A Top Target

cyber security

Attacks Amounted to
Financial Loss

Investing in a Security Operation Center (SOC) is the most sensible move in order to save your business during an attempted cyber security attack. SOC Represents the Overall Security in an organization/environment which includes Cyber, Digital & Information security and the operations center is responsible for assessing and implementing the Security Posture of an Organization. Through SOC, multiple layers of security are put in place where the objective is to protect Information valuable to an organization.

With SOC as a Service companies can more easily distinguish the true threats and act upon the problems with complete focus and urgency. Through forward thinking, SOC recognizes the potential attacks and vulnerabilities through monitoring various components. The SOC system involves infrastructure, process, people, various systems and devices for overt security. Further it also involves covert reactive monitoring, testing & remediation of threats; both potential and actual. For in depth assessment, our experienced security professionals continuously upgrade skills & systems to fish out potential threats from tons of data which is collected.

What value do we offer?

Complete Coverage

Through complete utilization of ESDS’ SOC we manage security functions for organizations like Security Assessment, Threat management and many more.

Cost Effective Services

We provide the most cost effective security service in the market by offering efficient multitenant utilization of resources / security systems / appliances, people and infrastructure.

Exuberant Support

ESDS has always focused on providing exuberant and multilingual support to its customers round the clock.

Industry Recognition

Our proven track record speaks for itself because our success is recognized by the entire industry. Partnering with ESDS has benefitted multiple IT giants such as Oracle, Dell, Mastek, ATOS and KPIT to be the lowest bidder for SaaS offerings.

Trusted Alliances

Oracle, Dell, Mastek, ATOS, KPIT, Infrasoft, Virmati and FIS Global have recently partnered with ESDS for a joint approach in the market for providing combined service and a wide range of products.

Govt. Initiatives

Recent initiatives taken by the Central government like MUDRA Bank, Startup India, Standup India and the Smart cities initiative has only 1 winner and that is “eNlight Cloud”.

How You Get Benefitted?

Customer can gain Deep insights into the gap between expected and actual security posture. ESDS brings its expertise on data and knowledge of customer environment clubbed with the deep understanding of security landscape in minimizing security related threats and risks. This service leverages man years of experience within ESDS in various domains to recommend the right approach from Infrastructure security and process security point of view.

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