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How Prepared is Your Cyber Security Team to Respond to Advanced Cyber Attacks?

85% of organizations go Digital without taking adequate measures to deal with Cyber Threats. If you and your organization have positive aspirations, then you need to read some startling revelations we've made here. How many businesses do you think fail to handle their first Cyber Attack? As per a leading Research firm, 27% of organizations close down permanently after experiencing Cyber-attacks for the first time. Here's a surprise for you: 65% of the Cyber Attacks that have led to significant losses have been perpetrated by the in-house employees of the victim organization. So, should you take your business Digital or not? Is data more safe on-premise or on the cloud? Are there companies that can give a completely Managed Security Solution whether you have an on-premise Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or Hybrid cloud? We are here to answer all your questions. First, let's take a look at the background.

Massive growth in Digitalization, Cloud 3.0, Web 2.0, and Industry 4.0 has resulted in phenomenal growth in the Data Center and Cloud computing Industry. Due to such massive growth in Digitalization, Security Threats are rising. Covid-19 added more steam to Cyber security threats. Managed Security Services market is currently in a nascent stage. Currently, managed security services are still in their infancy, and it is estimated that the managed cyber security services market will reach $5 billion in 2027 in India from $500 million in 2022. Such massive growth shall happen in the Cyber security services industry purely because the bad boys out there would try to do everything to stop good humans like you from doing the right things to grow your businesses. Managed SOC as a Service Provider like ESDS has an important role to play in the Cyber Security Industry. ESDS plays a vital role in maintaining an organization's security posture by consulting on the best practices, like monitoring, detecting, responding, and protecting your business-critical IT assets


Out of all the big banks in the world, 45% prefer to deploy an on-premise Security Operations Center with staff that experiences very limited challenges in an isolated environment. The advantage of organizations like ESDS is the versatile experience we get dealing with more than 450 BFSI customers, 250 Government organizations and 160+ listed public limited companies.

ESDS has experience managing Web Security for the World's No.1 website, the largest website in terms of its unique visitors per day on one single domain and in terms of more than 3 Billion Banking transactions on its platform daily. VTMScan is the tool from ESDS that's used for the Security of web services of the website's portal. In addition, ESDS also takes care of completely Managed SOC Services for this valued client. ESDS is a completely Managed SOC as a Service Solution Provider with proven expertise in managing customer security environments of Fortune 500 Organizations and top Banks across the Globe.

What is a Zero-day Attack? A zero-day attack (also known as Day Zero) is an attack that takes advantage of a potentially severe software security defect that the vendor or developer is unaware of.

80% of all successful data breaches directly resulted
from zero-day attacks

ESDS Managed SOC Services - Overview

ESDS' Security Operation Center Services are built on cutting-edge technologies and a highly qualified team that works 24x7. The team monitors, analyzes and responds to cybersecurity problems effectively. Managed SOC services from ESDS help you to strengthen your organization's security posture by identifying and resolving all significant network vulnerabilities. ESDS is the most sought-after when it comes to managing the customer environment. ESDS has one of the most desirable, Advanced, and highly sophisticated Security Operation centers in India.

Why Choose ESDS SOC Services?

  • ESDS Cyber Security Experts get to deal with a Multi-verse of Cyber Threats
  • ESDS Cyber Security Team Proactively gathers threat intelligence data 24x7
  • We use cutting-edge tools for Faster incident response time
  • Alerts are triggered to mitigate risks via Machine Learning & behavior analysis
  • ESDS Cyber Security Champions have an unending passion for Cyber Security
  • Indigenous products and solutions backed by 18+ years of expertise
  • Complete data security, with data securely hosted in Indian data centers
  • Subscription-based SOC services operating on an OPEX model

ESDS and each of its Cyber Security Warriors have a very clear purpose in mind. We aspire to a safe and peaceful Digital world. We aspire to make more than 1 Billion people happy and connect more than 1 Billion devices securely.


Value Proposition

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Comprehensive Security
Real-time service
Services compliant with Industry Standards

Are You excited to learn more about ESDS SOC Service Offerings?

ESDS SOC Service Offerings

Offers security monitoring, ensuring customer security postures are maintained. Also, it provides actionable intelligence for quicker security incident mitigation.


Identifies the security posture of an organization's information systems. Helps to identify security elements needed to obtain the client's desired security posture.


Vulnerability assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the vulnerabilities in Physical and Virtual IT infrastructure. Whereas penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities that exists in a system or a network that has existing security measures in place.


Total Secure Services' scope comprises all Eagle Eye Services' deliverables. Additionally, the following will also be included within the Total Secure Services.

  • Proactive remediation of security incidents with customers in the loop
  • On-site availability of ESDS Security expert in case of critical security issues for mitigation/advisory on the resolution of critical issues
  • Periodic planned site visits to the customer by ESDS Security Experts to analyze the customer's security environment. Also, offer recommendations and best practices to the customers.

Total Secure Services also requires the customer to avail of the Security Augmentation and Assessments to give ESDS a complete understanding of the customer environment with all the recommendations implemented.

Ready to Get Started?

The experts at our company are on your side, doing everything we can to make sure the job is done right
– from the first consultation to the day-to-day operations.


Other Security Services Delivering Security Excellences

Managed Security Services

VTMScan offers users complete website protection through a comprehensive audit of the website's Security. At the same time, eNlight WAF is a Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that allows you to filter incoming and outgoing web traffic and block threats like injection, cross-site scripting, and other attacks.

Remotely-hosted applications can be easily accessed using eNlight WebVPN. This is highly secure, cost-effective, and accessible from any location via a web browser, making it an excellent clientless SSL VPN solution. PAM solution enables enterprises to eliminate security risks and enhance compliance needs by proactively monitoring user-privileged activities.



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Security Solutions by ESDS

With ESDS SOC service offerings, companies can cut down on the expenses typically associated with cybersecurity while enjoying advanced protection from intrusions & malware.

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