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Technological Advancements to boom the Backup and Disaster Recovery Software Market by 2025

The dawn of the internet has revolutionised the way data stored and consumed. The rise of the digital era has led to the acceptance of cloud computing over the traditional means of data storage. But, the raised concern with cloud computing is data privacy and security. Consider, if you lose your irreplaceable data. Won’t you… Read More »


Failproof website security audit with MTvSCAN

website security MTvScan is a web application security scanner having the ability to detect weakness of website’s code, errors and ?nd vulnerabilities which may lead to website’s data problem and security issues. In other words, it is a program which communicates with a web application through the web front-end in order to identify potential security… Read More »


What you should know about Cloud Security?

Cloud Security Security is an important parameter for the functioning of any organization in today’s IOT world. Let’s review about security breaches and steps to mitigate them. We all are aware of the dangerous harm that viruses can cause to enterprise IT. The trojan and malware attacks can cripple the organisational IT. Apart from the… Read More »


Why Entrepreneurs Prioritize Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud Organizations were skeptical of cloud computing. Having their data stored on a remote location created trust issues & hesitations. Some organizations have implemented cloud computing completely while some are reluctant. Pushing ahead, with enhanced profitability the need of the day, IT companies and CIOs that acknowledge hybrid cloud situations will have the capacity… Read More »


2016 brings new security threats along with it..!!!

Hackers ARE NOTHING if not persevering. Where others see obstructions and quit, Hackers savage constrain their way through hindrances or discover approaches to diversion or detour them. Also, they’ll calmly contribute weeks and months contriving new techniques to do as such.