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5 Easy Hacks to prevent WannaCry Ransomware Attacks and keep your System Safe!

Ransomware Prevention Hacks! Hackers are using ransomware to hold your computer files and demand money in return. It has been witnessed that the first quarter of 2016, hackers were busy creating new domains and sub domains attacking the genuine ones for their ransomware operations. There are a variety of ransomware attacks; however, everything ends up… Read More »


Why Entrepreneurs Prioritize Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud Organizations were skeptical of cloud computing. Having their data stored on a remote location created trust issues & hesitations. Some organizations have implemented cloud computing completely while some are reluctant. Pushing ahead, with enhanced profitability the need of the day, IT companies and CIOs that acknowledge hybrid cloud situations will have the capacity… Read More »


2016 brings new security threats along with it..!!!

Hackers ARE NOTHING if not persevering. Where others see obstructions and quit, Hackers savage constrain their way through hindrances or discover approaches to diversion or detour them. Also, they’ll calmly contribute weeks and months contriving new techniques to do as such.


Multiple SSL on the Same IP using SNI

How to stop wastage of IP addresses? Using SNI technique to use multiple SSL with single IP is a one way to avoid IP wastage. But you may ask why we need to use IPs more judiciously? Let’s find out the answer together to understand the importance of IPs in the shadow of IPv4 shortage.