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eNlight Cloud is the Cornerstone for your Business’ Success


Technology has benefitted the world in unimaginable ways. With continuous developments, daily we are able to experience technologies that makes our lives easy by making an impact. Cloud Computing has been the most widely adopted technology by organizations around the world in the past couple of years. The use of legacy IT infrastructure and applications were common among the organizations that chose Cloud to modernize their IT processes. Legacy systems are inflexible while handling peaks in business demands and hampers an organization’s growth. As there are numerous ways to integrate Cloud solutions in a business, ESDS offers a Double-patented eNlight Cloud platform that can be deployed in various ways such as Private or Hybrid. Through eNlight Cloud, small and medium businesses have a level-playing field in terms of gaining technological capabilities. Cloud is a smart investment for CIOs and CTOs that wish to implement a smart technology to digitally transform their organization.

Community Clouds

Community Clouds is a concept which is well known in the Cloud industry, and the term has been around for a while now. ESDS is world’s first Cloud Service Provider to invent industry-specific Cloud platforms that deliver certified and compliant services. To solve a particular sector’s standard IT issues, industry Community Clouds are equipped with features that adheres to scalability, security, audit, application support, etc. Community Clouds is a great platform for Government agencies, Bank, Enterprises, Smart cities, etc., which work on common projects and applications.

Cloud Applications

A modern business’ IT environment requires a strong computing infrastructure that can support fluctuating business demands and foster growth. Through a Cloud-native approach, ESDS has innovated various Cloud applications that effectively utilizes the advantages provided by eNlight Cloud. Now, regardless of the size of a business, any organizations can harness the power of advanced technologies. ESDS’ SaaS and PaaS applications such as Serverless Computing, eNlight OSv and Big Data as a Service offers development features and comparatively are less expensive and highly secure as to legacy applications.

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