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Smart City Community Cloud

Creating Sustainable Cities on Future-ready ESDS Smart City Community Cloud

ESDS Smart City Community Cloud

Smart Cities are exciting places to live which encompasses technology that offers improved quality of life and boost economical development. To shape future cities, the development authorities need to focus on fitting technologies. Recognizing the IT challenges such as legacy infrastructure, data security, and device connectivity, will help the authorities embark on the Cloud journey due to it’s amazing capabilities. Indian Smart Cities are accelerating economic and social growth on ESDS Smart City Community Cloud. This Cloud platform is an incredible foundation to build smart infrastructure and run citizen-centric applications. Development Authorities can integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Smart solutions on our Smart City Community Cloud to seamlessly create an environment that is robust and secure. Our remarkable Cloud platform gives Smart Cities the ability to process citizen’s data and use it for enhanced decision-making that improves everyday life.

Why Choose Smart City Community Cloud

ESDS Smart City Community Cloud is the IT backbone of 10+ Indian Smart Cities and is helping them transform citizen initiatives for improved quality of life. We have collaborated with various system integrators to provide smart solutions and state-of the-art technologies for implementing services such as Smart Housing, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting and more, through intelligent governance. Our Disaster Recovery is an ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified service that ensures optimum management of information security and business continuity.

Auto - Vertical Scaling

Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

State-of-the-art data centers provide maximum uptime for high availability of applications and tools

Compliant Cloud

Certified by Government of India to host data sensitive applications and power citizen-centric services

Made In India

Built by keeping in mind the Government’s security policies and Digital India initiatives

How Smart City Community Cloud can be Beneficial

Best-in-Class Security with regular DR drills

Platform to Roll-out Emerging Technologies

Efficient Application Performance on Vertically Scalable Platform

Reduced TCO

Solution Implementation Consultation

Faster Delivery of Public Services

Explore other Solutions to Deliver greater services

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    eNlight IoT- Managed Cloud Platform for Connecting, Managing and Visualizing IoT Devices

  • Smart City Solutions

    Host Your Smart City Applications with ESDS Smart City Solutions

  • Security Operations Center

    Enhance your cybersecurity posture with ESDS Managed Security Services

  • eNlight WAF

    Fight Common Web Threats With Robust and Comprehensive ESDS eNlight WAF

  • Managed Services

    Secure & Clientless VPN Solution for Remote Access with eNlight WebVPN

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Disaster Recovery service on eNlight Cloud to safe-guard mission-critical data

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ESDS Smart City Community Cloud

Building cities of tomorrow with ESDS Smart City Community Cloud

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