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Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you confused between Cloud or Dedicated Server for Hosting your Application or Website?

Are you confused about the options when it comes to hosting your application or website?

  • Get answers in Cloud v/s Dedicated Server Comparison.
  • Choose between Auto Scalable Cloud and Dedicated Servers (aka Boxes) with fixed resources.
  • See how ESDS eNlight supports businesses save upto 70% on CAPEX and OPEX by offering disruptive solutions on Cloud.
Title eNlight Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting
Flexibility Enables an organization to react faster to business needs while driving greater operational efficiency. Lack of agility becomes a roadblock for businesses with fluctuating resource demands.
Scalability Allows for Vertical & Horizontal scalability of resources to meet the demands without hampering performance. Scale Up/Down and Scale In/Out happen on the fly without human intervention, downtime or reboot. Limited scalability options. Requires appropriate sizing and planning to achieve scalability resulting in investment in unused resources. To scale the solution, downtime and human intervention is absolutely required.
Security Very Good using Virtual firewall Options for advanced security supported such as VPN, DMZ, intrusion detection, anti-malware and DDoS protection Excellent (Fortigate, Cisco and Cyberoam are few firewall options) Options for advanced security supported such as VPN, DMZ, intrusion detection, anti-malware and DDoS protection
Server Snapshots Customer can take a server snapshot before making changes to it. A simple mouse click will return server back to the original state if needed. No snapshot feature.
Restoration/Replication To Restore from a backup or to create a snap shot of the same instance take less time. Multiple instances can be created for high availability within short duration without affecting the master. OS and other software have to be re-installed and restored. Replication is time consuming due to installation and migration of programs and data.
High Availability Due to the very nature of resource pool available and quick snap shot based replication makes cloud a best solution for applications that require high availability Single node failure can cause disaster in a dedicated server setup. Costlier options such as load balancing and clustering is required for higher availability
RAID No need for RAID configuration RAID can be configured.
RDP /SSH Available Available
Dedicated IP Dedicated IP is provided for accessing the server. Dedicated IP is provided for accessing the server.
Support 24*7*365 24*7*365
Control Panel cPanel / Plesk cPanel / Plesk
Operating System Windows / Linux / Cent OS Windows / Linux / Cent OS
Manage via mobile device Yes No
Commercial User pays only for the resources consumed making this option cheaper than its counterpart. User must pay a fixed cost of the infrastructure irrespective of usage.
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