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Products and Solutions

Embracing Digital Transformation Through Advanced Technology Solutions

Visionary enterprises are migrating to cloud solutions to accelerate Digital Transformation. With more and more populace being educated, there is a drastic shift to digital technologies for delivering service excellence and exuberant customer experience. Businesses feel they are investing a huge amount in the traditional processes, which are time-consuming and complicated. With a wide range of cloud products and services, ESDS is ensuring a transition from manual to automation across all verticals. The solution expertise delivers a customizable cloud infrastructure to flexibly scale the resources based on the dynamically changing business needs.

ESDS has everything to boost the Digital Transformation journey of enterprises. With its next-generation products and services, ESDS is assisting enterprises to achieve their cloud-based business goals. Prioritizing business needs, ESDS delivers scalability, real-time analytics, business continuity, and security on its intelligent cloud platform eNlight.

Disaster Recovery Services

Leading businesses opt for Disaster Recovery Services to mitigate the risk of business downtime in case a disaster strikes. The absence of Disaster Recovery Solutions can incur a huge loss to the enterprises. Businesses have realized their online presence is business-critical and online assets need to be secured. ESDS delivers comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services ensuring business continuity amidst the disaster. ESDS offers data duplication to ensure your business-critical IT systems are always up and running. Delivering a cost-effective ultra-resilient solution, ESDS collaborates with exuberant DR experts to provide DRaaS on eNlight Cloud.

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SAP HANA Hosting

Enterprises are migrating to SAP HANA Hosting to reduce the hardware investments to scale the resources based on dynamically changing business needs. ESDS delivers a flexible SAP HANA infrastructure to manage the dynamically changing workloads. Build, deploy, host, manage and monitor the HANA environment with the solution expertise. Migrate to SAP S/4 Hana on eNlight cloud and unleash the capabilities of your enterprise with business-ready insights in real-time.

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Digital Banking Solutions

Banks and financial institutions are leveraging cloud and advanced technology solutions to deliver an exuberant banking experience across digital platforms. With ESDS eNlight Cloud, Banks are experiencing a strategic transformation through advanced technologies delivering an improved way of customers being valued and served. With an omnichannel approach, ESDS is helping banks to deliver a seamless banking experience and convenience to the customers. ESDS is assisting banks to achieve their cloud-based goals fuelling business growth.

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eNlight 360⁰

Enterprises are moving to Hybrid Cloud Deployments for flexibility and scalability enhancing the business operations. To enhance efficiency and achieve a cohesive workflow, businesses are availing orchestration tools ensuring systematic interactions within private and public cloud deployments. ESDS eNlight 360⁰ is a versatile software ensuring optimized workflows, control and monitoring of IT equipment, and tremendous cost-saving through a full-blown Hybrid Orchestration layer. eNlight 360o delivers a high degree of performance with end-to-end provisioning and monitoring of IT infrastructure through a single UI.

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Smart City Solutions

Smart City initiatives are gaining momentum across the country promising an improved quality of life to the citizens and boosting economical development. IoT-enabled devices are playing a crucial role in shaping future cities. ESDS Smart City Community Cloud has everything to bolster the smart city initiatives in India. ESDS Smart City Community Cloud is a versatile platform to construct smart infrastructure and run citizen-centric applications accelerating economic and social growth.

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Content Delivery Network

Enterprises are availing ESDS CDN solutions to get rid of the low loading speed of applications, devices, and websites. ESDS Content Delivery Network Solution is India's fastest & highly cost-effective CDN Solution delivering an exuberant user experience. To address geographically scattered user requirements, ESDS has deployed distributed group of servers ensuring fast delivery of internet content. Prioritizing customer needs, it delivers high bandwidth, less page loading time, and improved security.

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