Data Center Turn-Key Solutions For Building A Data Center

ESDS DC turn-key solutions provides pre-project development, design, and implementation of projects on technical equipment of data centers and server.

Makes delivery of equipment and materials to equip the center: precision air conditioners, uninterrupted power supplies and diesel generators, false floors, insulating and shielding materials, automation, fire extinguishing systems and fire-retardant materials.

ESDS DC turn-key solutions participates in the development of engineering systems and air conditioning systems of data centers.

  • Developing the concept of pre-SAC
  • Energy conservation – a necessary condition for modern data center
  • Features of the design of engineering infrastructure Data Center
  • Requirements for cooling server rooms
  • Mathematical Modeling – checking the correctness of the design decisions.
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Power supply, uninterruptible power supplies, generators
  • Lightning protection
  • Fire-extinguishing system
  • Raised floors

Modern requirements for data centers: reliable, coefficient for constant readiness, reservation.

It is no secret that in recent years, there have been increasing malfunctions in various Internet resources, or that the Web project is not available to the user due to server failure. All this happens because of problems in the engineering of data center infrastructure. It could be disruptions in electricity supply of the data center, and insufficient cooling and overheating of equipment, and other reasons, depending on the construction of data centers and their security infrastructure.

Most of the now-functioning data centers are designed for smaller load than the actual and constructed in the best case, considering regulatory requirements, they are developed many years ago. The other equipment, because it is outdated, is inconsistent with the requirements of modern equipment.

Modern requirements for reliable data centers are regulated by TIA-942 on telecommunications data centers, developed by the Association of manufacturers of equipment for the transfer of levels of reliability in data centers characterized by the coefficient of constant readiness, which must be at least 99.671%, the lowest, the base level of reliability server, showing a lack of reserve components, inability to carry out preventive work without stopping the process of data processing and total annual downtime of 28.8 hours.

In cases where even 1 hour of downtime in data center turns significant losses, they should include activities aimed at achieving the required level of reliability and continuity. In particular, include redundant power and cooling systems, creating multiple paths for power distribution, the ability to conduct preventive and unscheduled work without stopping the process of data processing.

There are certain standards required in levels of reliability, which fails to observe the full points that are not taken into operation.

Design features of modern data centers:

At present, many Indian data centers are not distinguished by reliability, which is often reflected in the news of web publications in the form of reports of a temporary stop of a Web project as a result of equipment failure in the data center. Due to the rapid growth in demand for services information technology and in turn increasing infrastructure needs everything from avoiding failures in data centers that suffer from major online retailers, as well as businesses that require continuity of data processing.

With constant expansion of facilities, the buildings and engineering systems, traditional approaches and design solutions for building cooling systems that have been used before, do not always meet the demands of today’s requirements. Data centers require new solutions in infrastructure development in data center optimization projects to build a data center.

Modern data centers are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Increase heat to 25kW with a rack;
  • Increased power consumption;
  • Decrease in available space for equipment.

In light of these and other requirements, we design and implement a system of technical equipment of modern data centers.

Control of climatic parameters Conditioning Systems:

Parameters control the indoor server which is vital for normal data centers. ESDS “Engineering Systems” develops and implements projects for the control of climatic parameters in data centers with precise control of air conditioners.

When designing a complex approach to the selection of the principles of cooling server with all the necessary parameters and requirements in terms of operational readiness.

In the design process, we solve the following issues: the organization in the room, location of equipment, taking the most effective cooling racks into account, air conditioners selection based on required cooling capacity, and the features of objects and the client’s wishes.

Know more about:

  • Cooling of server and communication nodes
  • Used equipment, manufacturers of precision air conditioners
  • Uninterrupted power supplies, power supply, generators.

During the construction of data centers, it is one of the main objectives – to provide consistent and quality energy for the data center, it generally provides more power inputs to ensure the reliability of the center.

Engineering infrastructure of data center: In order to eliminate the possibility of downtime of the data center, it provides support in the form of diesel – generator, which could carry electricity in full, in case of power failure. For maintaining the servers at start up time and exit the working mode, provides installation of batteries, which are also capable of providing electricity to the servers in case of short power cuts.

Lightning protection:

All electronic devices including servers, clusters, storage media that are very sensitive to the different electromagnetic waves, considering the effects occur near power cables, high voltage transmission lines, as well as in the lightning discharge.

To protect against overloads and pulsed electromagnetic fields arising from the near lightning discharge takes a number of the following activities:

  • Creation of a lightning protection system of the building and grounding devices.
  • Screening rooms where there is equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic influences.
  • The grounding of all metal parts of equipment and a system of bonding.
  • Connection of protective devices that protects equipment against surge voltages.

Fire-extinguishing system:

Largely preserve the reliability of the information in the data center, it depends on the activities of fire safety, the methods and means of fire extinguishing in data centers are designed in accordance with all the requirements of fire safety for this category of premises.

Raised floors:

Raised floors are used for building server-side for ease of deployment (installation) of network and supply cables. It is expedient to use the floor space for the supply and efficient distribution of cold air at the data center. This is sufficient to effectively solve the problem of the cooling system.

Based on the calculations of air distribution and air flow direction to meet the raised floor air diffusers are provided, which supplies air to the cooling zone.

The advantages of raised floors are: durable and effective anti-static coating, the interchangeability of structural elements of equality, simplicity and short installation time, to meet requirements for fire safety, the ability to perform maintenance and upgrading of engineering infrastructure of data centers.

Raised floors have high bearing capacity, floor panels can withstand fairly heavy loads (greater than 1000 kg / m, and with the use of calcium sulfate plates – up to 3500 kg / m), which allows you to install the equipment and helps to avoid problems when moving the equipment inside data center. It consists of square panels that are mounted on metal, with height-adjustable stand. Depending on the destination, the floor panel can be manufactured from materials such as particleboard, gypsum, steel that provide durable and reliable design.


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