Engineering System Of Data Centers


Effective data center services makes strict demands on the premises, which host a server, network and telecommunications equipment. In this, connection is required to ensure proper conditions for equipment operation, safety measures and access to resources center.

Data center building should have a collaborative design for simple installation and testing procedures because the quality of work performed completely depend on crucial factors like reliability and availability of information services.

Starting from the desired level of reliability and availability of information system by selection of the necessary infrastructure subsystems and technological solutions.

Life-support subsystems needed to organize and maintain the required normal operation of equipment:

  • Uninterpretable power supply subsystem, which includes uninterruptible power supplies and generators.
  • Subsystem of the total power for equipment that are not required to guarantee electricity supply.
  • Subsystem and the total reserve of electric lighting.
  • Climate subsystem providing the desired temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Mounting cabinets to accommodate the network and server equipment.
  • Subsystem ventilation.
  • Subsystems provide safety.

The value of corporate data centers India is the safety and integrity of information that depends on execution of business processes and the existence of the enterprise as a whole. At the infrastructure level, the following protective equipments are important.

Subsystem fire alarm and gas fire : Burglar alarms, access control subsystem (eg, using biometric data) and continuous video surveillance for visual verification of events.

Communication subsystem : Saturation of the data center network and server equipment determines the complexity of the communication infrastructure, which consists of the following components:

Subsystem mortgages channels – for the protection and orderly laying low voltage and power lines.
Cabling subsystem – for the formation of a single transmission medium information.
Subsystem internal telephone for voice communication.

In the process of building infrastructure a data center, it  may require additional construction work, such as ensuring the load capacity of overlap (up to 1 t / m 2), false ceilings etc.

The data center infrastructure is designed with the possibility of (planned) growth capacity of servers, network equipment and their connections without interrupting the information system.

Reliability of redundant data centers infrastructure has an impact on the overall readiness of the information system. Due to the non-operational standards, even when using the most reliable equipment, it is impossible to provide the necessary access to information services. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to design of infrastructure of Data Centers.


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