Considering an Indian DC to overcome economic conditions


India is the country which is having an ever growing population and along with the population, grows the opportunities. Even if our country has less availability of connectivity & bandwidth, Indian Datacenter industry is expected to see a substantial growth in coming period. The reason for this is due to various initiatives taken by the government for promoting the cloud services & automations in systems, their initiatives towards digitization are not lesser from those moves seen in the ‘BRIC’ sectors. A research from World Bank says that there were more than 30 billion applications downloaded in India a couple of years before itself. This data indeed needs a storage & security; hence the Datacenter industry gradually started mounting in this country.

The reason Data center services are said to be expensive in India is because majority of ruling OEMs are from overseas market which disturbs our cost factor. Therefore it was pretty affordable for these companies based in Europe & America to offer the Datacenter products at a very lower cost as compared to Indian players. On the other hand, the time has come for Indian market where these dependencies are diminishing and companies prefer our own providers to beat the currency problems. The sudden fluctuations in currency rates had largely affected the Indian arcade, but this has somewhere benefited the Datacenter industry. People have started considering Indian provider for their requirements as the overseas providers are no longer affordable for them considering the present currency rates, which has hiked by 5% against Indian currency.
In this situation if we utilise our own resources and avoid the foreign exchange, we will be on the moneymaking side. It’s quite a good opportunity for this developing economy as operators have been building out larger-than-needed infrastructures with higher than required Tier assessments to meet the expected rise in demand for colocation and dedicated hosting services, and this is where this market varies. Now that India has good infrastructures, increased level of expertise, enough equipment which are required for IT facilities and most importantly the massive number of prospect-base, there is no doubt we can lead the other economies utilising this industry.

The only thing we need to do is, research on various technologies which will be helpful for us to cut the additional cost apart from actual resources and automate the systems as much as possible. The target audience of that particular website/ application also matters while considering a hosting provider. And if they are based in India, it is always recommended to consider an Indian DC for overcoming the problems of speed, data security & accessibility. The Indian Datacentres have certainly reached that level of proficiencies which can be considered on the same level as that for rest of the world.

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