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Is AI capable of preventing Cyberattacks?

Cyber-attacks are threats to governments, businesses, and institutions today. Data Breaches at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security exposed around 200 million personal records including high-profile data leaks. At presents its just trying to figure out what other humans are trying to do which is slow and limited. When we… Read More »


Safeguarding your Organization from Internal Threats

Just a quick recap from my previous blog where we focused majorly on How crucial data is and what’s even more important is its security. We also saw some standard practices for ensuring Data Security. 1. Disk Encryption- Converting data into a form that cannot be easily interpreted without a key that makes it legible. 2.… Read More »


Evaluating Cloud Computing Architectures

The real protection depends on having the right architecture for the right application. Organizations must understand the individual requirements of their applications. An excellent starting point for an organization wishing to implement a cloud computing platform is to examine the current IT architecture. Only by aligning the applications architecture – computers, network, data center and… Read More »


Virtualization Security

When talking about VMware virtualization,  a few years ago nobody thought about how this technology would become complex: today’s large companies and SMEs have sufficiently large virtualized environments for better security. Today, virtualization has become a key enabler to the IT and business for companies. In the initial stage, it was primarily used to consolidate… Read More »


Eight Technologies That Transform Business

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mega-storage, intelligent software and all applications for the use of mobile telephony, for example, still have enough room to grow. Part of the market does not yet know how to use available technologies to transform business and get the work done at higher level. According to me, The Eight… Read More »