Physical Conditions Required For A Secure Data Center


If we talk about web hosting then the first or say the most important factor to consider is the physical condition data center where the Dedicated Servers are kept to host a website. As the servers have all the data, it is necessary that the servers are very well secured. For this purpose it is necessary that the data center is well designed and well planned. This means that the data center should be able to face any type of threat which could occur at any point of time. For that, a data center should be secure, defendable and cost effective. It is very important to consider the threats which you think are ridiculous and are not worth considering but even those threats should be written and one should work on them to build a data center.

Even the dangers which are not expected should be considered and should work on them so that they can be prevented. The data center can be made with multiple layers of security and can be protected against the worst threats. For all this it is also necessary to make a note of the cost. The main thing to remember while making a data center is to plan for the worst possible threats and work on building a data center that is well protected against them and hope for the best to happen.

The first part is the site selection for the data center. A site where you get a mixture of all the features is the ideal place for the data center to be constructed. An area where the possibility of natural calamities like earthquakes, landslides, floods etc are minimum should be selected. The earthquakes can happen any where in the world but by selecting a suitable place and by hardening the structure it is possible to make the data center resistible against the calamity. For that purpose, important measures should be taken so that the land of the site should be soil stable so that you can protect the data center against the natural calamities.

It is also important to check the past of the site so that you get an idea about the nature of the soil, the stability and the ground contamination on the land by previous owners. The drainage facility of the data center should also be up to the mark so as to avoid the accumulation of water at the time of heavy rains or floods and also the melting of ice at the time of snowfall and the soil of the ground should be checked so as to know the ability of it to absorb water so that in cases of heavy rains or water accumulations the soil absorbs the water quickly.

The area where the data center is to be build should not be a flood plane and it will be a very good option to have it on a height so that there is no problem at the time of heavy rains and floods. The secure data center should be constructed at a quiet place away from the places which experience high traffic but at the same time it should have multiple roads connecting to it for the time of emergency. It should be at a place which is away from army area, sports areas and the factories which generate noise or chemical pollution which will affect the data center. It should be at a place which has stable climate and weather conditions as variations in these conditions will affect the data centers atmosphere. The data center should be away from areas experiencing frequent criminal or political activities as to save it from riots, robbery and other activities which will create problems for the data center.

Apart from all these terrestrial problems you should also consider the airborne problems as it is very dangerous to have an airport near the data center. The airport has take off and landings and these are not at all guaranteed to be the successful ones which could make an aircraft to crash anywhere nearby an airport and if the data center is near to the airport then definitely it is very dangerous to have one. Also when a aircraft is taking off or landing it is easily possible that an aircraft loses its parts which can fall of anywhere resulting into losses. You should talk to the neighbors of the place who might be able to give you the information of the constructions which might start in the future which can definitely help you to plan about the construction of your data center to make it safer and also in the best possible way.

A good site location is really very important as the work in the data centers is largely done on the power grids and also the generators which are very important uninterrupted power supply. Apart from all this you also have to pay attention that the police and the fire brigade is nearby for help at any time. Hope that you do not need them but you never know. For a secure data center you should take precautions. You should also see to it that the medical facilities and the food facilities like a restaurant or a motel is nearby so that you do not waste much of your time in travelling and you keep your staff happy after all they are also important.

The building of your data center should be build from excellent quality material to be able to resist the natural calamities as well as problems caused due to the human beings. It should be able to resist winds of the speed of 200 miles per hour and also the rains and snowfall. These building should also be able to withstand the storms which are tremendously destructive and should be also fire resistant. The building should be constructed in the middle of your site so that all four sides of your sites can be seen easily by which the problems coming towards can be seen by which it might be possible to save the data center. For the security of the data center it will be better to give it a name which does not exist so that the data center is well protected.

The data centers building should be build with a very hard material like concreate so that it can withstand the rains, snowfalls, storms and other natural calamities. Also, the temperature inside the data center should be stable so that the machines are able to run all the time. For that, the data center should have windows so that the temperature inside the data center is maintained so that the hot air can pass out and the cold air can come in the data center. But the windows should also have some precautionary measures so that the contaminated air does not enter the data center and affect the machinery in the data canter. The data center should be have atleast 20 feet high ceiling to save the data center from over temperature conditions. The roof of the data center should be made of a very good material even if the material is costly as it is important to have a strong roof to save the data center from natural calamities.


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