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ESDS - Enabling Futurability

ESDS Building

ESDS is one of the World’s leading Data Center Services and Cloud Solution providers.

Founded in 2005 by first generation entrepreneur Piyush Somani, ESDS was initially conceived as a web hosting company. Since then, ESDS has moved from strength to strength, establishing a huge clientele worldwide and acquiring a number of smaller enterprises along the way.

Managing operations of several UK-based web hosting companies has added immeasurably to it's experience and the quality of it's offerings, leading to the establishment of an enterprise-grade, Uptime Certified Data Center facility in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Creating and sustaining excellent customer experience, coupled with focus on Innovation, has helped ESDS to evolve as the preferred choice for Managed Data Center Services and Auto-Scalable Cloud Solutions for it’s customers.

“Expertise in Managed Data Center Services & Cloud Solutions, Virtualization and Disaster Recovery Hosting backed with Exuberant Technical Support has helped ESDS to build lifetime relationships with it’s customers”. - Piyush Somani (Founder, MD & CEO)

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eNlight Cloud (Patent No. US 9176788)

eNlight Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud hosting solution with a builtin ability to automatically scale CPU and RAM on-demand.

We hold a patent (US 9176788) for our innovative Auto-Scalable feature of eNlight, which has succeeded in eliminating the downtime suffrages, which occurred as a result of volatile internet traffic. This Auto-scaling feature makes eNlight unsurpassed proposition for Disaster Recovery Hosting which cuts down Disaster Recovery Hosting cost by 70%.

eNlight, powered by “intelli-sense” technology, automatically adjusts resources of a virtual machine depending on the application load and has revolutionized the way hosting as a business is practiced.

eNlight Cloud facilitates an approximate 70% reduction in cost as compared to owned, colocated or managed server solutions providing minute-to-minute usage and billing of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and Hard Disk space of each virtual machine.

eMagic Datacenter Management Suite

eMagic is highly integrated and composite plug & play solution that provides single console for management of data Center. It facilitates streamlining administrative processes, leading to optimization of functional operations.

eMagic is a highly regarded Enterprise Data Center Management Solution, that is currently installed and successfully running on-site operations at numerous high-value on-premise Data Centers of our Enterprise Customers.


MTvScan Malware, Trojan, Vulnerability Scanner

Security is currently an overarching priority for Data center providers across the board. Major IT Analyst firms have predicted that the companies dependent on their online presence will lose $8 Billion between 2015 – 2018 due to Malware, Trojan, Virus and hacks.

In light of this situation, it is essential that enterprises and more importantly their IT partners have the requisite tools to deter any and all attempts to compromise customer data. MTvScan has been developed specifically to counter such threats and is currently employed by thousands of customers to safeguard their web assets.

Our core focus at ESDS is to enable Scalability, Dependability, Reliability and Security with next generation Cloud technology for our customers. We have fully conceptualized and developed enterprise products & solutions.

Our Vision and Mission


We are committed to creating Lifetime Customer Relationships by delivering World Class Managed Data Center Services and Cloud enabled Solutions.


We Co-Create value for our customers by:

  • Innovating to provide future enabled on demand scalable solutions that address customer pain points.
  • Adapting to, and proactively managing advancements in technology.
  • Sustaining customer experience with Zero tolerance to downtime.
  • Transforming IT infrastructure from Commodity Business to Utility Model.
  • Inspiring excellence in people.

Customers Success is Our Goal !


Our Values

At ESDS we highly value the contribution and commitment of every member of our workforce and firmly believe that the progress of a company requires the collective development of an entire 'organization' rather than just the business.

Our Strengths

Managed Datacenters

We realize that it takes more than just teams to run a Data Center. It calls for ingenuity and adaptability backed up by a highly experienced team. ESDS today stands appreciated as a leading Managed Data Center and Managed Cloud Hosting provider in India because of its familiarity with the processes required to run large Data Center facilities with optimum productivity.

Industry First Innovations

The IT industry operates to key drivers of innovation and evolution. The requirement is for solutions and models that not only fulfill a need but facilitate greater innovation and progress. Towards this end, we have internally developed enterprise-grade solutions that not only cater to current requirements, but are capable of robust scalability in terms of future challenges and opportunities.

Managed Services Expertise

As an organization, ESDS believes in facilitating comprehensive management for enterpri se rather than merely providing with an array of integrated services. The objective is to provide Exuberant Support to the customer paving the way for symbiotic development.

To accomplish this, ESDS draws upon the highly extensive experience of its staff that is well versed in global hosting and Data Center practices.

Exuberant Support team at ESDS has core expertise in managing all flavors of Linux, Windows, IBM AIX or HP Unix; and also in managing Databases like Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB, PgSQL & various open-source applications like PHP, Apache, Exim etc.

Our knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra Email Hosting is one of the finest in the Industry. Discipline of our Exuberant Support Team has helped us to avoid any kind of Data Loss in last 10 years. We have in-house developed Backup solutions and we partner with various Disaster Recover y solution providers for DR hosting.

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ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 27001 : 2005, ISO 20000 - 1 : 2005

Awards and Recognition

Success can be measured in many ways. "Success is a journey, not a destination." And for ESDS, it's been a period of tremendous achievement. ESDS is one of the few companies to receive IT Enterprises '09 (Special Award) from the Government of Maharashtra.

ESDS has also been bestowed with the prestigious "Green IT Infrastructure '10" award by the Government of Maharashtra for ESDS' Green Data Center, which is first of its kind in the State.

Team ESDS has received the "HP Integrity Sales Champion Award" in recognition of the achievement of H1 FY11 BCS Sales Target. ESDS being a Silver Partner of HP, received this award from Hewlett Packard India, for its contribution in winning and successfully executing a large PSU IT Infrastructure order.

This is not all, for the third consecutive year, ESDS has been felicitated by the Government of Maharashtra for its outstanding performance during the year 2011. This year, the award for "IT Enabled Services" was conferred upon ESDS at the Maharashtra Information Technology Awards 2011, thus marking it as another distinct achievement!

ESDS has bagged the most prestigious and highly competitive Award for "Innovation in Cloud technology" from Economic Times by the hands of Marten Pieters (CEO & MD - Vodafone) in December 2014.

ESDS was pointed out as the Best Web Solution and Datacenter Service Provider in the whole of Maharashtra for consequently two years and the Service Excellence award was presented by Prime Time Research Media Pvt. Ltd. at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

The Work Ethic

The Work Ethics

At ESDS, we believe in fostering a highly cohesive and cooperative work environment that facilitates creativity, efficiency and productivity. The emphasis is on encouraging initiative and giving vent to the talent of a youthful employee corps. Individual opinion and expression is valued and respected which eventually urges our people to develop a sense of belongingness with us. The organization is proud to have created a work culture so attractive that our employee loyalty is one of the highest in today’s volatile IT industry. Our employees – both past and present feel that ESDS is a great place to work with, where we believe not only in building lifetime relationships with our customers, but also our valuable employees.

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