Should I be choosing ESDS dedicated hosting service for my hosting requirements?

Dedicated Hosting Price Comparison

Dedicated servers are often the most expensive form of web hosting provided by many web hosting companies, but the benefits of ESDS dedicated hosting often justify the benefits. ESDS provides a range of affordable dedicated servers that will cater for the needs of users and businesses at all levels, with custom configurations being available where complex requirements necessitate large hosting budgets.

Windows servers and Linux servers provide the ideal platform on which large web applications can be designed to service thousands of users as the resources of a dedicated server can accommodate large number of users at a single time without even beginning to show any strain. The price difference between Windows servers and Linux servers can be one of the deciding for some businesses; the open source nature of the Linux operating system lends it to being more popular during a time when budgets are being cut and companies are looking to save money wherever possible – Windows, however, is still in demand because of the enterprise-class applications offered by Microsoft for the platform.

The range of dedicated servers available from ESDS guarantees that there is a solution available for users of all levels and budgets. A low-power Intel Atom server is the most affordable dedicated solution offered by ESDS, but provides the perfect environment for users moving up from shared web hosting or VPS server hosting. At the other end of the scale ESDS offers dual quad-core Intel dedicated servers that pack a lot of power with 16GB of DDR3 RAM and two 300GB SAS disks; a server of this specification is designed for businesses that are looking to host web applications that receive thousands of visitors every month, with stability of their hosting platform being one of the key requirements for them.

The price that you see is the price you pay for your dedicated server with ESDS, as we don’t charge any setup fee. You will also be paying for the following benefits:

  • Our dedicated servers are offered as fully managed so that you are able to contact our 24×7 support team when you require assistance with your server; as well as rectifying any issues that you may be facing, our support team can also aid with the installation of applications on your dedicated server
  • Your dedicated server will be hosted in our state of the art Tier 3 data center located in Nashik, India; through the provisioning of multiple connections and power supplies, we have been able to design a high-availability data center that features no single points of failure, therefore allowing ESDS to offer a network uptime SLA of 99.95%.

Dedicated Hosting or Not

The choice of dedicated hosting or not is something that is going to be decided by exactly what you see as being necessary in a web hosting, with small businesses probably not facing the demand that would allow them to exploit the features offered by a dedicated to their full potential. A cloud hosting service such as eNlight can offer a similar experience to dedicated server hosting with regards to the hosting environment that is offered, but not everyone will be satisfied with the lack of physical hardware configuration changes that can be made even though the resource allocations of an eNlight virtual machine can be altered as required.

The main negative factor surrounding dedicated hosting for many parties is the price that they have to pay for a dedicated server; however, with low-end dedicated servers offering performance that is akin to or lower than that offered by a VPS server, opting for a cheaper virtual hosting solution will provide you with a greater selection of performance benefits. The more expensive dedicated servers offered by ESDS provide resources so powerful that even a website which receives thousands of visitors a day probably won’t even begin to tax the power of the server.

If you are unsure of whether a dedicated server is going to be the most effective solution for you, contact ESDS as we will provide you with the advice that you need in order to make a decision. With a range of services on offer including shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting, ESDS will be able to point you towards the hosting plan that will offer you the environment and features necessary for your website.

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