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Creating a Custom Hosting Environment Using Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Server HP Image

A dedicated server is a physical server that is formed of physical components that can be adjusted to provide servers of differing specifications, with low-specification dedicated servers being the least powerful and the most powerful dedicated servers being available in the form of high-specification hosting plans. Whereas virtual server hosting services such as VPS servers and cloud hosting VMs are aimed at businesses with restricted budgets, dedicated servers are designed for businesses with larger budgets as is evident with the price of most dedicated servers. Even though ESDS aims to offer affordable dedicated servers, this is within the context of larger businesses that are able to justify the cost and maximize the usage of the resources available.

The purpose of dedicated hosting is offer larger businesses an isolated environment in which applications requiring high levels of security and uptime can be hosted. ESDS believes in ensure that our dedicated hosting customers can secure their dedicated servers to a level that matches their customer expectations and industry standards; ways in which this can be achieved include:

  • A hardware firewall can be used with a dedicated server to provide an additional layer of security outside of the software that you have in use on your server to offer security
  • Providing a professional server management service that includes carrying out a number of security checks and application installations to ensure that your server is available to protect itself using all available defenses
  • As you won’t be sharing your dedicated server with any other users, you can be guaranteed that you have full control of the security of your hosting environment.

ESDS provides a range of dedicated servers that can be adjusted to meet your requirements as you wish. As well as offering a choice of hardware options, you can opt for Windows or Linux as you wish so that you can make the most of the technologies that you are familiar with.

Dedicated Hosting Custom

ESDS believes in offering all of our customers value for money and this includes providing them with an opportunity to select additional features for their dedicated servers that they feel can be used to enhance their web hosting experience and the overall usefulness of a dedicated server for their day-to-day business activities. As dedicated servers are physical servers, it is fairly easy to change the hardware configuration at the time of ordering the server – it is simply a case of opening the server case and modifying the hardware arrangement; however, once your server has been bought online, the hardware can’t be modified without causing downtime because your server will need to be taken offline in order for the changes to take place.

The isolated nature of dedicated hosting puts you in a position that isn’t obtainable with other forms of web hosting; you won’t have to share a single aspect of your dedicated server with anyone else, therefore giving you full access to the hardware of your server to use as you wish. Creating a custom hosting environment is one of the best benefits of dedicated hosting and can be done in the following ways:

  • As you have full root/administrator access, installing applications and services of your choice will allow you to add functionality to your web applications that may not be possible due to restrictions in place on shared hosting environments
  • During the order process ESDS will allow you to specify the hardware that forms your server so that you have room to create extra capacity by purchasing additional resources such as a more powerful CPU or more RAM for your server
  • ESDS’ professional support team can also implement advanced server configurations for you that make use of several dedicated servers; server mirroring can be used to enhance the redundancy of your hosting platform by utilizing a secondary dedicated server as backup in the event that the primary server fails, whilst load balancing can be introduced to delegate the load of your website across several servers to improve system stability.

As all dedicated servers from ESDS are fully managed, if there is something that you are looking to achieve with your dedicated server but feel that you lack server management skills then you should contact our support team who can then assist you as necessary.

As one of India’s largest web hosting companies, ESDS believes in offering high quality service that can be used to develop a custom solution for each of our dedicated hosting customers.

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