Difference Between Cloud Computing And Dedicated Hosting

Cloud computing is the major shift in the web hosting environment. Looking at the coming era its a strong belief that cloud computing is gonna take a huge place in the web hosting world. Cloud computing is a dynamically scalable and often virtualised form of hosting. Where as, if we speak about the dedicated server this is the most common and reliable form of web hosting and is been there from the past several years. Many big businesses are still running on the dedicated server as because of the performance, scalability and security.

There are many advantages associated with the new virtualized technology of cloud computing which may often considered as much beneficial for businesses. A lot of cloud hosting service providers charge their users on a pay utility model which includes payments for the use – like an electricity payment model. In the dedicated server model, the ownership of the server lies in the hands of the organization that has paid for it.

The basic reason sticking to the dedicated server hosting is the security and full control over the server. The utility of the cloud can be best understood as a progression in the field of shared and virtual hosting technology, with resources of many servers being shared amongst the cloud users.

One of the other factors which is involved is the time factor to deploy a new dedicated server requires a significant amount of work and takes a long time. Hardware must be selected, hard drives, memory, and networking equipment must be installed. Then the hardware must be racked and plugged into power and network . Whereas, with Gigantic Cloud Servers deploying a ready-to-use server is quick and easy. Simply select one of the many server types available, Select the software which you require and within a few minutes your entire Cloud Server is deployed, configured and ready for use!

Cloud servers are still in their initial stage where there is still a lot of research has to be done, but dedicated servers are there from history of the web hosting industry and the service has been proved to be more successful uptill now.

One of the advantages with cloud is that this has been considered as the cheap alternative of web hosting and in comparison the dedicated web server is a costly affair. Generally the cloud hosting services are made keeping in mind of virtualised technology which provides easy and affordable solution to the clients.

Cloud has been notoriously unreliable in the recent past and it would be very difficult if the data goes off-line for a long period, or your applications are down without warning. In comparison, dedicated server has the history of more successive rate, thus considered to be more reliable.

One of the most considerable point is : In dedicated server hosting there is a data security as the owner has the full control over the resources and the applications but cloud hosting or computing is much like internet. The data is accessible by a lot of clients at the same point of time. So, a lot of concerns actually arise about the safety of the data.

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    good comparision, i hope we can provide a good security to the customer in cloud computing by using private clouds which are less expensive than dedicated web servers

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