Difference between Dedicated server hosting and Shared server hosting

Web hosting is the base for any IT or web presence on the World Wide Web. This is the first step which need to be considered before having web presence. There are different types of server available in the market and each of them have different set of properties. Similarly, a dedicated hosting and shared hosting has different flavors which involves the basic functions respectively.

A dedicated web server consists of all the resources dedicated to a particular client who owns it whereas shared server as the name suggest is shared by many a clients at once. A dedicated hosting gives the liberty to have full control over the server which can be used any how by the user. A shared server basically involves different users on one server as well as doesn’t provide much freedom on the server as the resources are being shared. In other words, a shared server has many different domains hosted on it. All of the server’s resources are shared by many websites present on the server. On a shared server you have control over your folder and everything within it only.

In dedicated server a user tend to get more security as compared to shared server. To put it in simple words, each has a different control given to the user to manage their website. A dedicated server is a web server that holds your Website, and your Website alone. Shared servers, which are the most common type of hosting available, hold many different Websites. These Websites are competing for server resources.

When it comes to IP a user gets dedicated IPs for their website in case of dedicated server but while looking at shared server one needs to even share the same IP with the other users on the same server. To put it the other way round we can say that the dedicated hosting is quite costlier and shared hosting is quite cheaper in comparison.

There can be many factors while considering any of the platform for one’s businesses, one of the major factor is security which is more redundant in dedicated server as one has everything centered around one user, one owns the server it means he is the boss,no more limitation in bandwidth usage,Better Performance. They do not have to share space, bandwidth or any other feature with any other website. It is most suitable for websites that expect a heavy amount of traffic.  Whereas, in shared server one shares the IP with other users,Slow Server Response Time, generally Server Crashes Regularly. Shared means multiple websites hosted in the same location. So, in a server, there are multiple websites sharing the space, bandwidth and so on. This type of hosting is ideal for small business as well as new webmasters who are trying out for the first time. It has some limitations in its resources.

To sum it all one can say that both the web servers has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends upon the user’s requirements. But in a way a dedicated server hosting is always a better choice then a shared server.

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