Dedicated Web Server Hosting Over-Selling!

When you are looking around for dedicated hosting services, you will notice that all the hosting provider companies offer unlimited bandwidth or bandwidth on demand and also unlimited space to their hosting customers. While this is true, you should also be aware of something called ‘overselling’- which refers to an unethical practice that some hosting companies resort to in order to gain more profits. Lets take a look at this matter in detail:

When you order a dedicated server hosting package with your desired configuration, it includes a specific allotment of bandwidth and space. Now, chances are, most of the times, you do not completely utilize all those two resources allotted to you. Similar is the case with almost all other hosting customers. Thus, the hosting provider has some extra bandwidth and space in hand that he realizes he can sell again to some extra customers. Here the assumption is that the demand on those extra bandwidth or space resources will never exceed its present load. So in fact, the hosting provider is selling MORE resources than are available on the servers. When they do this for every sever, they stand to make extra money on each server. For the client, the so called advantage could be a much cheaper hosting package.

This scenario works on the assumption that the servers will not reach their maximum loads and thus everything will continue working smoothly. But what if some of those websites or applications start reaching their maximum capacity? It could lead to slower servers, server downtime or in worse cases, a complete server failure.

In addition to being an unethical practice, this can also lead to losses in terms business to the customer and if this continues the hosting provider might end up loosing customers.

To avoid getting into such situations, you should conduct a thorough check before you settle on a hosting company. You can frankly put your concerns about overselling to them and get all your doubts settled. If you feel that even the slightest of issues are not being addressed- you should move on. There are plenty of fair players in the web hosting industry. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

– Don’t fall for the ‘cheaper is better trap’- never compromise on quality.

– Check their web hosting packages thoroughly to see if their offers seem seem too good to be true- compare their costs against resources offered to see if it is realistic.

– They should be available at all times to address all your concerns and doubts regarding this.

Don’t take any chances when deciding on a hosting company- it could cost you far more in the longer run.

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