Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Misconceptions/Myths

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Misconceptions/Myths

Managed dedicated hosting takes web hosting to the next level- the client has a server which is fully managed by a expert team of technicians at all times. All the server and network related functions and issues will be managed by the web hosting provider. These are some misconceptions about managed hosting that will clear up the concept further for you:

Managed dedicated hosting too expensive:

Yes managed hosting is always going to cost more than unmanaged hosting. Consider this- instead of you having to worry about your server maintenance, upgrades, downtimes and uptimes, all these factors are taken care by an expert dedicated team round the clock. You won’t have to search for extra staff or space to manage your server set up. All the time and money you save can be invested in your business.

Managed hosting is for the technologically challenged:

Managed hosting takes away from you all the hassles and worries of maintaining a fully redundant server setup. But even for those who are experts at server technologies, this can be a highly effective, time and effort saving service that comes with a range of added services and benefits.

I won’t have to look into anything:

Even if the web hosting provider completely takes care of your server, there are still some things you might have to provide depending on your hosting package- like the website design and content which you are responsible for.

I have no say over the software choices

Most hosting providers design dedicated hosting packages designed to match all kinds of business needs. The limited choice is because they use the most popular and secure software that are tested for best performance. So it is better to go with their experience and expertise. If your website does require any special, custom software, you might have to work that out with your hosting provider.

My data will always be secure and safe

As a rule of thumb, this is true- part of the cost you are paying is for highly redundant, secure and stable server set-up that is managed to ensure there are no failures at any levels. There could still be rare circumstances that cause server downtimes or outages or natural calamities that strike your the data center where your servers are located.


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