What Is Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

In unmanaged dedicated web hosting, the client needs to be completely self-sufficient as a web server administrator. As a server administrator, the client must be able to install and manage the operating system, install software, security applications, and install and maintain other web applications, upgrade them periodically, apply patches, do system restores, perform backups of the data, monitor the entire system and maintain it in prime condition all the time.

In an unmanaged dedicated server hosting, the service provider usually offers the important tasks like the network-monitoring, monitor the internet connectivity, web server, and equipment for any hardware and connectivity-related problems such as maintaining a reliable and secure high-speed connectivity and 100% uptime assurance. The chief tasks of running the web server efficiently and taking care of the OS and the web applications are the responsibility of the client.

An unmanaged dedicated server hosting is most beneficial for the companies if they have sufficiently skilled staff members. Although unmanaged dedicated server hosting is a cheaper option than opting for the managed dedicated server hosting, it requires complete knowledge of professionally administering a web server and software skills to manage the operating system, web applications, and the running of a company website which usually contains e-Commerce solutions.

This is particularly important as most of the companies will need a dedicated server for hosting their company website and present their products and services, their email services, and other such important information tasks continuously — 24 hours every day. Apart from needing a professionally managed website, the company must also ensure that the hardware and the operating systems along with other applications needed to run this website 24 x 7 x 365 is a huge task. It means that every thing associated with the company’s website must be in prime condition and must not fail at any time.

This also means that there should be a replication server to take over the primary systems if there is any malfunction – either in hardware or in software. The servers must be upgraded to the latest technological advancements as soon as they are available, and the operating system and the applications must also be timely updated. If these important tasks are not performed with care and skill, then there can be problems and may result in major system failure.

A professional company cannot afford to be off-line even for a few moments, and such failures can mean a great loss to the company and a loss of reputation too as its global customers may suffer unnecessarily due to these major or minor system faults. A globally serving website must always maintain a fully reliable, secure, and 100% online presence as

All these tasks must be done by the client hiring the unmanaged dedicated server hosting service, because the service provider will not undertake these tasks, or will do certain tasks for additional fees. Hence, if additional fees can be managed by the company, then it is a great option to opt for the managed dedicated server hosting. It will relieve the company a great deal in terms of managing and maintaining the leased server by paying a little more fee to the service provider.

Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting is recommended only for those people who have solid server administration experience as it provides root access to the server. This offers complete server administration, thus the possibility to configure every service on your web server.

An Unmanaged Dedicated Server leaves nearly all the server management duties in the purchaser’s control. The customer updates software on their own, applies necessary patches, performs kernel compiles and operating system restores, installs software, and monitors security.

Find the best package along with the usual considerations of price, disk space, bandwidth, reliability and speed from our detailed list of UnManaged Dedicated Server Hosting companies.

Selecting in between the managed dedicated server hosting and an unmanaged dedicated server hosting is a difficult task to make for most companies. A large company with trained IT staff can easily opt for an unmanaged dedicated server. This decision will help the company in saving the huge in-house infrastructure costs and the associated the maintenance of the web servers and other equipment, and the robust security systems that are required to maintain such a set up in their own premises.

When a company in has the necessary skilled staff members, then it is a great decision to opt for an unmanaged dedicated server hosting. The data centers offering such services are fully equipped with advanced and world-class hosting infrastructure. This takes care of the security, air conditioning, and monitoring of your leased dedicated web servers at their data center.

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