What are the downsides of moving to cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting previously been used only by the governments and now a days it has made its way towards business both large and small. Every thing which comes has introduced in the market comes with some positive and some negative aspects. Image a multitude of servers that are connected through networks to create a cloud where companies are able to store data. Essentially, this cloud acts as an outsourcing agent for server and storage needs.

Cloud hosting services has come as the one of the most innovative solution in web hosting industry. This technology has many advancements included in it but it doesn’t come without its own faults, even though there aren’t many of them (pretty standard for a relatively new technology). All of these problems will be solved in the coming years, but you do have to take them into consideration if you want to switch from VPS, clusters and dedicated servers to cloud hosting right now.

Cloud services gives the liberty of choosing the services as per the need and want or as per the requirement basis for which clients are charged on a scalable utility subscription basis. Their bill is calculated on the amount of hard drive space, memory, bandwidth, time and other resources and services used. This business model offers customizable web hosting with on-demand service.

There are few pros & cons related to every topic, similarly there is some downside/ the negatives of moving to cloud hosting as well. Few can be described below:

1.Moving all your data is always a point of concern because it contains mission critical data and which can be disastrous to loose it. If you are going to move all of your information to data centers situated outside your company, then security should be of utmost importance.
2.If one looses control that means it comes with handing over your data and information to the unexpected situation.
3.The most important aspect includes depending on third-party to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and information.
4.When it comes to security issues, it generally had some controversial points since cloud computing services provide certain privileged users have full administrative access.
5.Another point is when you have some secured data in the cloud storage then it might be a risk to leave the data in the hands of hosting providers.
6.If by fluke you are trusting a host which may disappear, then there are most likely chances that your data is lost.
7.Budget is also one of the matter of concern specially for small companies, who really doesn’t want to invest too large amount. If you are having a small business or even a Fortune 500 company, cloud computing can take a large expense and make it work for your budget.
8.Cloud computing is still on the testing phase, that’s the reason that it is not much flexible or can say that provides less flexibility to the clients.

While concluding, we can say that being into a testing phase or in upgrading stage Cloud Computing Servers are scalable and considerable because the necessary changes will be made in near future to overcome the downside of it. So, it will be a wise decision to consider it in long run.

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