Important features of cloud web hosting services

To date, the cloud service includes three main features that distinguish it from the usual service:

> Modal “resources on demand;

> Elasticity or Scalability ;

> Independence from the control infrastructure.

To demonstrate the difference between normal hosting and cloud services provided by the hosting provider, in the conventional approach, the provider charges a fixed fee for use of its computing resources (CPU, RAM, HDD, etc.) on a monthly basis. It does not matter whether the client has used the resources allocated to it in full during the entire month or only a few days and the rest of the computing resources are idle.

In granting the cloud hosting services, it uses the “pay-per-use” type of payment. Typically, a unit of measurement take a minute or an hour of time to use resources. In assessing the amount of data per unit, the measurement is taken by Megabytes of stored information. In this case, the user pays exactly the amount of resources that they in fact been used for some time. In addition, cloud infrastructure provides the user the ability if necessary to “raise” or “lower” maximum limits of available resources, thereby taking advantage of elasticity of the service provided. User of cloud services do not need to worry about infrastructure, which ensures the efficiency of services provided to him. All configuration tasks, troubleshooting, expansion of infrastructure and other takes on the service provider.


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