What is the infrastructure of cloud computing?

Typically used today, the term “cloud computing” is applicable to any services that are provided through the Internet. These Internet services are also known as “cloud services“, and the infrastructure of cloud computing can be divided into three main categories:

* Infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS);

* Platform as a service (Platform as a Service, PaaS);

* Software as a service (Software as a service, SaaS).

The three pillars on which the understanding of the principles of the clouds, in effect, “surrogate” for users of their own
information infrastructure, or specific software and hardware platform or software.

The very cloud computing was first used back in 1993 by Eric Schmidt (then chief technologist and board member of Sun Microsystems) to refer to services, remote support to various data and applications hosted on remote servers. Why cloud ? Graphic prototype of the term owes its appearance to the diagrams and other illustrations in the form of clouds, through which it portray the Internet.


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