IaaS: Self-Service Infrastructure

To maintain the technology infrastructure at home is a decision being reconsidered by the companies, particularly small and medium-sized. Apparently, the computing power is no longer attached to a box, and has jumped into the clouds. The investment in solutions for the data center is high and pay per use is very attractive. This is an important lever in the model of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

This year, growth will be even greater. The average expansion year after year is 64%, which has hooked more users so far.

In addition, 41% believe that infrastructure as a service model will be growing more in the coming years. IaaS will reach maturity in the next two years, but must go through a phase of cultural change to take off. There are vendors that point cloud as a form of outsourcing. But it is not. It takes a break from that thought.

The difference lies in customization. Cloud mass is the solution that is equal for all, not outsourcing. That’s why cloud is half of the value of outsourcing. Another point of attention in the industry is in relation to the offer. While security is still pointed out by companies and analysts as a red alert for the adoption of cloud.

Today, we have more than 33,000 customers worldwide, including users of dedicated servers, cloud computing, e-commerce and etc. The offer we have today is focused on large companies and have service level agreements that monitor downtime, response time, etc. However, the use of public cloud is still low, but the trend for the next year should be a combination of private and public cloud.

We believe in the growth of hybrid clouds. It includes mobility products, software, service, and we are increasingly following the path as a service. In November 2011, we launched eNlight Cloud Computing Solution that deliver Cloud Computing Services around the world.


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