Internet And Cloud Security

While in recent months, access to applications is offered in pay per use model,  being hosted on shared data centers (which is known as cloud hosting services), (arguments) continue flying over the issue of security as a recurring objection to the general expansion of the use of the cloud.

Without wishing to deny the existence of risks, try to propose the following hypothesis: will have to set optimal levels of security that do not impede or complicate access and use of software applications and services.

There is a maximum security level, which is credited with 100% confidence that there will be no risks: always keep your computer off.

Most studies conclude the existence of quasi-apocalyptic risks that are computer security companies or service providers that impact on their levels of safety and business case.

Those who seem to have the most spyware code distributed around the world are governments, who in turn create the laws for the security checkpoint.

The group of non-internet users is precisely the one that seems to have security issues.

The setting of restrictions on access to internet sites has meant that, in most large organizations, employees have not been able to access critical information necessary for their work when they are needed.

The use of antivirus, antispam, … and other security services consume much resources and slow down the PC so that large numbers of personnel management and maintenance of networks and teams in organizations chose to uninstall them and have a copy of their data and their applications, which are  immediately restored on regular basis.

While centers reported that high level of security has localized malware code, which is not on specific devices, internal network or don’t know what type of malware it is, so presumably it exists, but their relation to any risk of physical security is virtually nonexistent.

The greatest risk for loss of information lies in overheating of the machine where it is stored. I would not be mistaken if I say that the control measures and physical security of any data center operating internet is much higher than any company that maintains the machines on their premises.

The above statement is also valid for the control and limitation of physical access to machines.


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