As one of the most promising ways to optimize IT infrastructure, cloud computing is increasingly considered. There are many advantages of Cloud Computing technology, but the question of the reliability of data protection by using the concept of cloud computing is becoming a major deterrent.

To ensure information security, the learning of new techniques and technologies that can record incidents, develop new standards of information security. In particular, it becomes difficult to distinguish who is responsible for what, as cloud computing is an infrastructure significantly different from the traditional model and can be dynamically changed. It should be noted that there is a psychological aspect of this problem. IT outsourcing has not yet received such a development in India as in the West, and many executives are skeptical about the idea of transfer of IT infrastructure services to an outside expert.

As practice shows, the use of cloud computing can even increase the level of data security. One of the reasons – it is a constant concern about the high level of security on the part of companies that provide access to the services of cloud computing. Aware of the concerns of their clients, they have to invest significant resources in building and maintaining a reliable security system. Some providers of IT services in the field of Cloud Computing makes clear emphasis in its marketing of the company to guarantee a high level of security.

The following conditions must be observed to ensure reliable security in cloud services:

1. Cryptographic methods for data safety should be used. All the data that the client is running within the service should be securely encrypted.

2. The very process of transferring information from the client and the server must also be safe, it is necessary to use a secure data transfer protocols to access the server.


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