Cloud Computing Security Issues and Solutions


A lot of business executives are familiar with the benefits of cloud computing that are been offered over a traditional in house IT departments. But as the popularity of this new alternative expands, questions concerning to its security are being raised. Is cloud computing as safe as having your data network in house?

Data in Cloud Computing is Centralized

There is nothing like traditional networks which leave documents and other information data spread casually between employee work stations, data inside the cloud is centralized. Since cloud computing providers are typically held to too much higher standards than in house IT security teams, this normally means that the data is safer than on your own network. This data is accessed only through web browsers which can be set to clear their cache each and every time they are closed.

Take this in comparison with delivering an email, for example: The email with attachment is distributed to n number of employees who are expected to utilize the information properly then discard or resend it. In the case of cloud computing – no data would be sent to the staff members. They would be able to log on to one central location, view the data, make any type of changes they needed cooperatively, then log out – all without actually downloading the information.

Cloud Computing Security Concerns are Logical, but not Actual

So far, there has been no major violations of cloud security. Compare this with private networks, in which there are numerous stories every week of breached data or stolen client machines.

A lots of people are concerned about the security in a cloud computing setup. People are used to thinking that something in their control is more secure than if it is out in the open. Even though that seems like common sense, it simply isn’t true. All connected networks are ‘out in the open’. Cloud computing simply gives fewer chances to access that data by its very design.

Ideas to Improve Cloud Computing Security

As we all know that cloud computing is pretty much new if compared to the traditional in house IT departments, there does tend to be a shortage of standardization on security problems. A lots of well known companies like Hewlett Packard, IBM, ESDS eNlight Cloud, and others are initiating to contribute in security programs.

By its very design and within the use of normal security measures such as encryption, cloud computing security is really not a barrier to enter any longer. In most trials it proves to be just as secure if not more so than normal in house data networks. As time moves forward, the many benefits in-built to cloud computing will ensure that it remains the focus of the IT security industry.



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