Why Should You Invest In The Cloud ?


Heard about cloud computing a lot lately, but is that the cloud is an interesting alternative for business?

Some entrepreneurs have a huge need for seeing where their data is stored.

IT management in a small business is all in the hands of enterprising and ends up being a big challenge. Thinking about it, we prepared a short guide with four reasons to consider while adopting cloud computing for your business.

1. The cloud makes sharing easier

Put your files, programs, backup, or your network in the clouds, is a way to facilitate sharing with those who need to use. A great example is Google Docs (now Google Drive) and software such as Dropbox.

The files in the cloud are much more easy to be shared, since people need not necessarily be in the same location where these files are stored.

The cloud allows a company to share the network from its headquarters, with its subsidiary inside the state, or the interior of country. All this without interfering with the permissions of the users of the network.

The cloud computing allows you to share access to all systems, files and networks without geographic boundaries.

2. A cloud is the safest method of hosting

Whether you believe it or not…

The cloud is safer compared to cases like flood, fire, a tree that blocked access to the internet or a power failure. These items can interfere with the services that your company hired if your files are not stored in the cloud.

Your data center is protected? Keep these cases cited in mind. cloud computing is less vulnerable to these kinds of problems.

In addition, esds clouds¬†are safer . That’s because the servers are spread across geographical regions located thousands of miles apart. In case if server goes down, your systems and files remain available.

3. A cloud is more economical

If none of the other factors have served to convince you about the efficiency of cloud computing, we are sure that the financial motive will make you think twice. That’s right, put your network in the cloud will reduce the infrastructure costs.

Some of the costs that your company will reduce by adopting cloud computing:

  • The cloud does not require hardware costs;
  • The cloud does not require huge costs in specific software for access control;
  • Installation services and more economical maintenance;
  • Decrease hosting costs.

Adopting cloud computing will certainly represent a considerable reduction of costs for your business. That’s because in addition to being a much more dynamic service, the cloud allows your company to keep the focus on what it does well, instead of worrying about information technology.

4. The cloud can be a great ally of the entrepreneur

An ally in time to access the files, documents and systems without being in the company office. How everything can be accessed through the internet, you can use it from home, office or coffee shop, for example.

What we have to say to you entrepreneur is that, yes, cloud computing can be a great ally when making your small business happen.



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