What Is The Best Backup? Local Storage or in the Cloud?

Creating backups of important files is something we should all do with some regularity, but usually do not give as much attention as we should. It is important then we should know whether we should use local storage or storage in the cloud, or a combination of both.

For some people, the local storage may be the most convenient and / or accessible way to backup your files. By having the files stored on digital media, we have them in our control and we also can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. But storing the files locally can also have disadvantages if something happens to the storage devices. So how do we know if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Here are some possible pros and cons that may affect the decision to use local storage for backing up your files:

Local Storage Place


  • We have control of our data
  • Our files are portable and can carry them with us when necessary,
  • If we use external hard drives or Pens , we can access them without connection to the Internet,
  • We can easily add more storage if needed (additional drives, etc)


  • It is necessary to make room for storing the digital media for backup,
  • Possible hardware failure in access to files
  • Constraints that we need and forget to take them with us
  • Too much volume to bring us
  • Risk of theft and / or loss of any content due to circumstances such as fire.

If you are someone who is always moving and needs to travel as much as possible, storage in the cloud can be the perfect way to be able to backup and access your files. Maybe your laptop has a hard drive failure or even be stolen if you use the backup in the cloud, it will always have a copy of your files available. For example a company that wants to make sure that your data is safely out of the usual place, in the event of a disaster or system failure. As with the local store, here are some possible pros and cons that may influence the choice of cloud storage for backup files:

Storage On Cloud Computing Solutions


  • No need to carry the Pens¬† or bulky external drives
  • All files are accessible wherever you have an internet connection
  • No need to deal with the local storage media (or the “maintenance”)
  • The files are safe even if the home is burglarized or other unfortunate disasters occur.


  • The data is not 100% under our control
  • Possible hardware failure or loss of files by the storage vendor in the cloud.
  • We do not have access to our files unless we have an Internet connection
  • The provider of cloud storage may eventually stop providing the service due to financial difficulties or other unforeseen circumstances
  • The possibility that the data is being stolen by hackers due to a security breach by the storage vendor in the cloud

We can also choose to try to cover all possibilities, using local storage in the cloud to make backups of our files. If something goes wrong with the one, we always have the other to support us. We need access to files within or outside the home? As long as we have access to information in the local store or an Internet connection, we are always assured.

Maybe, we are already prepared to choose a backup solution, but we are not sure which option we shall go for. Here is your chance to ask yourself. You have already implemented a great backup solution?


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