Storage In The Cloud.. Say Goodbye To Pen Drives

The pen drives appear to give us the opportunity to load our files wherever we are, with their minimum size and its speed accelerated in file sharing, this little device, soon became very popular among students, workers and many others who need to carry digital files, but these devices will be soon outdated.

Now is the time for cloud storage. It means that, you store your files online, and need not carry any encumbrance or running any risk of losing it, not to mention the virtual file does not spoil, it sits there, on the server space, directly on the internet, unlike the pen drives.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage:

The disadvantages are, you need a device with an internet connection to access your files and invasion of their files by hackers, but in the future, it tends not to be a problem anymore, because of the great technological advances that are expected.

But the flash drives are still useful and much cheaper for those who have the need to store large files, iCloud, for example, can only store 5 GB of files for free, if you wish to store more must pay for the space. But in the future, without a shadow of doubt, the storage in the cloud will become the best way to store your files.


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