Things That Cloud Computing Can Do For You

Crawling five years ago, Cloud Computing is one of the most discussed topics in IT today. The number of articles concerning cloud are enough to encourage and start-ups that branch.

With so many service providers and terminologies, we see infinity of possibilities, which is true.

But there are some things that Cloud hosting can do for you:

Correct Applications That Were Poorly Designed

Some people believe that with the portability of the application to the cloud will automatically correct the deficiencies in the application design, which is 50% correct, since the capacity of the platforms in the cloud have to mask the inefficiency of the application and improve and increasing its performance if it is required, but it also increases the revenue of service provider, as there will be an excess consumption of resources because of this.

Eliminating Data Storage

The IT organizations that always try to break the storage of data, processes and services may find that using cloud computing services can move them in the opposite direction.

When we use cloud services, we create storage of data, processes and services to be integrated into the legacy system. If you do proper planning before hiring a provider, it does not become a problem.

Reducing The Number Of Employees

The move to cloud computing will not reduce the number of human resources, since it is a system. We need people to maintain it and monitor it during production.

Now, with the application in the cloud you want to “kill” their legacy system, you will no doubt reduce its human resources as well as walk in the opposite direction, after all, the trend is that with the endless possibilities, you can create new systems to integrate with the cloud and thereby increase its human resources. Not decrease.

These are just a few points to be addressed when thinking about Cloud Computing. But, of course, is not a hindrance for you to forget or delay its implementation.


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