Questions That Must Be Answered Before Using Cloud


The cloud computing is based on a delivery model technology in which the infrastructure is not the client, but on remote servers that offer large capacity processing and data storage resources that may be shared (in the case of smaller customers) or be of use only if the contractor needs.

In theory, this ‘cloud‘ eliminates the need for companies to have to worry about the acquisition and maintenance of application specific hardware, or group of applications. Resources are acquired (hire as a service) as the need arises and paid as per use of resources.

This business model is still in its infancy. The expert says that over the next few months, companies will focus on three points related to the cloud : understanding how to store static files; testing services and try to get some applications to the cloud without having to change them.

Listed below are four questions that often arise when talking about cloud computing. Check the answers.

Does the adoption of cloud computing services affect the obligations of companies regarding the preservation of data?

Companies must follow specific policies for the preservation of their sensitive data. This is because, especially in sectors that deal with sensitive information of customers, you need to store data that can be used in the future, in the case of a judicial investigation. So, before sealing agreements for cloud with a supplier, you must ensure that such service providers are able to store confidential files. All specifications relating to protection policies, storage and retrieval of data should be expressed in formal contracts between the parties.

Stored data in “cloud” is more vulnerable?

When a company is using cloud computing services, it is creating another source of access to their data. But it does not necessarily mean that information security is impaired.

Can you preserve the confidentiality of any data?

Yes, the rights of providers to access customer information may be limited by contractual clauses. However, it is necessary that the provider has a minimum level of freedom to act efficiently and therefore extremely sensitive data should not be in the cloud, and yes, the company’s internal infrastructure.

What steps should be followed after the choice of a reliable cloud service provider?

Adopting the model of cloud computing can be a good opportunity to structure a program for data retention. That is, after choosing a service provider, the company has no policies for storage, query and retrieval of information should set them to map all of its assets. This step is important to create an inventory that indicates where and how each corporate information is stored and manipulated.


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