Five Key Questions About Cloud Computing

Professionals working with cloud computing are facing difficulty in reaching a consensus on key issues.

Cloud computing has become one of the most discussed concepts in the IT world. Nevertheless, those who work with technology may have difficulties in reaching a consensus on concepts that are important for the success of projects in the area.

Here are five important questions that may be considered as the main cause of misunderstanding – that should be widely understood by those seeking to operate cloud computing.

1. Cloud solutions are not virtualization?

Seems there is confusion here, so it is worth saying that virtualized servers do not form a cloud. Cloud computing means ATM (auto provisioning), usage-based accounting and advanced multitenancy (ability to meet various user organizations with a single instance of software). What comprises skills that go beyond most virtualization solutions.

2. Cloud computing requires APIs?

Those who create web sites and call them “cloud sites” need to understand that part of the value of cloud computing comes from API access to cloud services. This goes for both public and private cloud solutions. Without an API, hardly a cloud.

3. Moving to the cloud is not a cure for bad practices?

There is no immediate relief for bad architecture or a bad project implementation within the cloud. These issues need to be resolved before migration.

4. Security is what you make of it, or out in the cloud?

Though many resist the cloud because of security concerns, the cloud is indeed safe as or better than most of the systems within the company. Security requirements of systems need to be defined by the user, as well as issues of data and application.

5. No solutions for “instant cloud”?

While many companies sell solutions, they call it “cloud-in-a-box” (sky box), few options of box will meet the specific needs of each organization, without requiring a good deal of adjustment and integration.


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