What Is Cloud Computing / Cloud Server ?

The Cloud Computing is not a technology but a concept that can be defined as a computing model in which processing of data and programs happens somewhere on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Hosting is a service which is offered by a lot of service providers, in which multiple servers are used for high processing capacity, high availability, which are connected to a storage drive (cloud storage).

From Cloud Hosting Infrastructure, you can uniquely allocate the computing resources to create a Cloud.


Each cloud server is a virtual server which is using the resources of an exclusive and independent server which has the same physical equipments.

In all of the servers, there is always a physical server operating on reserve. This server will be activated automatically if a problem occurs on a physical server’s assets. The cloud server in existing physical server that has the problem will be automatically transferred to the physical server backup, ensuring high service availability. This fast switching is possible because all data of all servers are stored in Storage.

This infrastructure enables companies of any size to make use of cloud computing, high availability, ease of connectivity and low initial investment.

Features and Benefits

1. Scalability Of Computing Resources

The architecture of cloud server lets you allocate or deallocate computing resources like processing power and memory for simple and fast operating, and in some cases without the need to reboot the operating system.

And when you need a computational resource such as memory or processing that is not available on the physical server, migrating to another server will be held at the time of the restart.

Note: Changing disk space on Windows and reducing disk space on Linux requires you to reinstall your operating system.

2. High Availability

Besides the scalability of computing resources, the architecture performs dynamic relocation of cloud server to another cloud server if there is a fault.

Every technology employed in the cloud server is to ensure that services are always active as long as possible. The time for dynamic re-allocation is equivalent to the time of the restart.

3. Exclusive Use Of Resources

To ensure server performance cloud server contracted processing capacity, memory and disk space are allocated exclusively, making use of shared servers.

To ensure scalability and high availability of services, the only form of service used is the shared disk subsystem (Cloud Storage).

4. Costs Proportional To The Computational Resource

Another element generated by differential Cloud Computing is the possibility of hiring computational resources for exclusive use, with features of a dedicated server at a cost proportional to the computing capacity contracted.

5. Compatibility

Can be used with:

  • Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Applications developed in PHP, ASP,. NET, Java, Delphi, VB and others.
  • Systems for Electronic Commerce, Management – ERP, CRM, and others.

6. Security

Everyone knows that there is no way to guarantee total safety in any area of our lives, this also applies on IT services.

The dedicated web hosting services have high levels of security, using modern technologies, especially with rigid procedures and a highly qualified team to ensure the tranquillity of your business.


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