Computing in the Cloud

cloud-computing-in-googleThe term cloud computing came from the fact that computing has changed much of its focus. Nowadays, for example, people are not as worried about buying a super computer (the powerful super system – speed, memory, processing) as it was the dream of most time ago. The case is that the needs have changed and thus people have adapted to them. All give preference to practicality, which explains the huge rise to devices that have greater mobility and portability.

Cloud Computing

Sure it’s not the end of computers, there are many people who need more power for different destinations, but as almost everything is based on the Internet, common users can do with machines that have a better cost benefit for consumption.

So cloud computing is based on the use of memory, storage capacity and calculation between computers and servers that are shared across the internet. Thus, all data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and you can have space for personal files (photos, texts, videos and music) and no need to install software, since the software will be available in online mode.

There are risks for companies that develop them (Microsoft, for example), operating systems, these manufacturers need to adapt and try to contribute to the “cloud technology” – migrating to web and creating online machines – not to lose audience and not have future problems.

The computer prices fall, so as also the cost of the Internet.

Other advantages of cloud computing:

  • Lower power consumption, cooling and floor space;
  • Corporate Jobs will be more convenient and easy, since all information will be in the same place;
  • There will be worn with applications or software – all available online;
  • There will be no worries about the operating system;

A company that is already well ahead of the research on this subject is Google. It manages to integrate a lot inside their system, examples:

  • Deposit videos: YouTube ;
  • Document Manager: Google Docs ;
  • Datebook: Google Canendar ;
  • Email Service: Gmail ;
  • Messenger Service: Google Talk ;
  • Location Services: Google Maps ;
  • Site to meet all preferences: iGoogle.



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