Thoughts on Cloud Computing


Transitions by definition are complicated. In nature, a transition can take thousands of years and extinguish an ecosystem, an organism or even a species. Today the market of Information Technology undergoes one of its biggest transition since the mainframe era to lower platform. For the first time, a revolution occurred out of the company, with technologies such as broadband and smartphones democratizing access to information and bringing new paradigms.

One of the biggest tentacles of this “user revolution” is the advent of cloud computing. Services that were previously only possible for large corporations are available to small and medium-sized businesses, professionals and consumers with competitive prices.

Now, a small business can have a server running the latest version of the most powerful email software, allowing a group of employees can easily access documents, appointments, and files via any Internet-connected device with small business cloud hosting plans.

To adapt to this new reality, the IT professional needs to change the way they sees the demands. For them, it does not matter what software is used and where it is located or, in the cloud or on a local system, what really matters is the data. Following this way, the service will be better and more agile, enabling IT to control the whole process of information security, regardless of the method of user access, either by smartphones, tablets, desktop applications or web services. Thus, the Information Technology business area will help to face the new market challenges.

In the short term, some markets may not adopt cloud computing. Sectors where information is highly confidential as the financial market and security agencies tend not to use the Cloud Computing. For these markets, the cloud brings more questions and doubts than facilities. However, these companies can make use of “private cloud network” or “private cloud“, which is a secure, managed by IT, and without access to the public Internet. Already initiatives are found in the market in this direction.

In the age of the user as King, IT needs to show that it is ready for the battles that will arise.



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