What Cloud Computing Is Not, According To Gartner

what-cloud-computing-is-notIn the advisory opinion, the promotional discourse exaggerated around cloud computing has introduced a lot of confusion about the concept. IT departments need to be careful to avoid this ‘hype’ and, instead, should focus on deploying private cloud computing platform which make more sense for the company effort.

The same denounces five misconceptions detected in the IT industry:

Just have virtualization

Equip a server with a hypervisor is not the private cloud hosting. Virtualization is a key component that allows the creation of a repository of resources to be easily accessed. But it must still ensure other self-service features and expandability features.

It serves always to save money

One of the biggest misconceptions is that IT experts believe that with cloud computing they will save money. It may be true in many cases, but this is not a universal truth. There is no guarantee of cost savings. Deploy automation technology to have a private cloud can be a significant investment for many IT budgets. They may gain the ability to redistribute resources more efficiently. And be able to reduce their capital expenditures in access to new hardware. But Gartner says that the main benefit is the increased agility and the ability to dynamically expanding.

Is always indoors

Many people associate a private cloud as that housed in the data center of an organization, behind a firewall. This is a half truth. And many manufacturers try to sell private cloud without features “multi-tenant”, with resources dedicated to a single client, and without sharing resources. A private cloud is not defined by the privacy afforded by the location or ownership or management or responsibility. Some vendors may, for example, outsource their data center operations from a client to a secondary facility, or pool resources of clients, but separate them using VPN.

Infrastructure is only a platform for private cloud that is often regarded as the virtual infrastructure service. But there are other private cloud deployments, particularly in software and in many other ways. IaaS segment may be the fastest-growing cloud computing market but it is not necessarily most important.

It is always private?

Adopting a private cloud platform is the first natural step for many organizations. But with the evolution of the cloud market, IT departments will better accept the idea of using public cloud hosting providers resources. Levels of service and safety precautions should mature and impact of outages and downtime will be minimized.

Gartner predicts that most deployments of private cloud will be in hybrid clouds.



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