A New Era for Business – Cloud Computing

cloud-computing-businessHas the internet effected your life? Currently you no longer need a computer to write a text, you do so on your tablet, phone, or how about the Google Docs? Or even reach a customer? You can gain new customers through the internet, there are businesses and people earning your valuable money via Internet. A great example is the team’s “Back Door” is a comedy channel that started gaining public via YouTube, posting videos, its beginning was in 2012 and today has had videos that have reached over 1 million internet users.

How cloud computing solutions effects this?

Cloud computing is a form of the central computer (server) perform all processes that should be done on your home computer, as a result you get just the result of this processing. A tool as an example, is the google docs, you create files for it and just type text, the rest is a google server that processes the data and makes the whole job.

Ok, and how cloud computing effects me?

Effects a lot! With cloud computing growing every day, computers for jobs of the future will be cheaper, requiring only the ram-memory, processor and motherboard. The google has given some indications that it will release an OS for the internet, you will not even need a HD, because your data will be hosted in the cloud, requiring only an Internet connection. If you are opening a business, I recommend you to look for a good business or professional who understands the concept of cloud computing.

Software of the Future: Cloud based hosting

Today, you simply hire a professional or a company who understands SEO, cloud computing, and it will make your company earn more and save you any costs because you will not need a technician, another example is that with cloud computing, the software updates (system) for your business can be conducted without the presence of a technician.


As we have seen, cloud computing is the future and will only grow, we see everyday people increasingly using the internet to access information and even have meetings. Update your company with a system in the cloud and enjoy its benefits, software that are installed on your computers are already getting in the past and it tends to increase more and more.



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