How To Reduce Your Business Costs With Cloud Computing

reduce-business-cost-cloud-computingThe Cloud Computing brought great revolutions for Information Technology. Previously, companies had to buy expensive equipment, maintain their own infrastructure and specialized technical services. But now the scenario has changed.

The internet has enabled our information to be available online and can be accessed from any device. Technology has improved over time and thus the solutions we use in our businesses, can be placed in the cloud, giving space for full services offered by companies that charge a fee only for usage.

How is the security of my information?

Undoubtedly, this is questioned a lot. “Is my information safe?” is something that goes through the minds of every entrepreneur when he thinks about adopting cloud solutions.

With that in mind, some prefer to keep their own infrastructure in-company (within the company), hiring technicians to perform the installation and maintenance of equipment and software.

But if you think about it, the technician will be as committed for the security of your information, as a company depends on it for its existence.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol: To give an overview, this technology converts analog audio signals (in this case, the sound waves of the voice) into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. There are different types of VOIP, since the handset adapters are for common and specific phones.

The VOIP service is the most popular worldwide. Skype is a service that allows free calls between phones that are using the software and cheap calls to use it in calls to other numbers.

You can use Skype on PC, smartphones and tablets, just download the app. To make calls to landlines or mobile phones, you need to buy Skype credits that entitle you to various features like SMS, call forwarding, a number online, or Skype to Go, which is an international number for people to spend with local calls when they talk to you outside.

Tip: For answering services and call centers, usually worth investing in a more elaborate solution, because the quality of the links is higher. Now, if you need a fast and affordable solution, Skype is ideal.

Sending Email for Marketing

Mailing, newsletters, email marketing, whatever term you prefer to use, there are great tools for sending newsletter. Cloud solutions can help in organizing the shipment and analysis of results.

Tip: Look for tools that facilitate the import of contacts (integrating with your email contacts, LinkedIn or spreadsheets with contact details) and control the removal of contacts who do not wish to receive the emails.

These tools typically charge monthly fees on the number of contacts or campaigns sent per month.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Know your customers, their profiles and purchasing preferences to treat them uniquely, is a differentiator for any business. Nowadays, people know very well what are the companies that have great empathy with them.

Currently it no longer possible to get without applying CRM.

CRM systems are tools that give support to the CRM strategy. There are several types of cloud CRM tools for different purposes.

These tools are usually marketed through monthly subscriptions or prepaid, according to the amount of information to be stored or the number of users.

The advantage of using a CRM software in the cloud, is that your company does not need to keep the updates and fixes any errors that may occur. Additionally, you can access your information from anywhere, just a connection to the internet is required.

Financial Control

For the management of cash flow, accounts payable and receivable, and NF-issuance of bills, there are online tools which are very interesting. Nowadays there’s more to be using Excell spreadsheets for financial control!

This information is critical for your company and providers of these services know this well. Modern techniques are used in these security softwares such as SSL which is applied on internet banking facilities, ensuring that all information posted to the site is safe.

The system full of forms and screens, complicated and that always gives problems, needs to be left behind!

Well, that’s it. Cloud computing is here to stay and help small businesses with solutions that previously only large businesses had.


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