The Services Of Tomorrow Will Be Cloud eMail And Web-based ?

cloud-email-web-based-servicesHow you use your e-mail box? For me it is a tool for daily work and leisure. I know friends and professionals who think the same and that like me were too fascinated by Facebook or Twitter, and continue to exchange email, even outside the workplace. The Email is not dead, it is more alive than ever, but is undergoing a major transformation behind the scenes, in the way it is delivered, the quality of service and approach to it.

In the coming years, there will be more space for providers that offer solutions for standard mail, POP and IMAP access and server without any warranty: I hit with many readers who do not think in this way and I would like to say a series of points for them.

Cloud Computing: Google Apps, Microsoft, eNlight Cloud. It is they who are gathering customers with their cloud infrastructures, ensuring high uptime (Google Apps seems to have reached a very stable) and above have to shoulder the necessary resources to ensure large amounts of storage space. It is not an economic advantage, it is a cultural advantage in many cases, such as: Google with Gmail has created a different approach, has made available inside many services offered for a fee, and has done so by integrating the fruits of the search for its labs. The priority mail, which is a direct result of its experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is a novelty that brought back many Gmail users. Cloud computing as a means to provide a complete service, in the form of SaaS, and done without any problem for the company from 10 employees here that migrates their email, as well as the corporation of 10,000 employees.

Web-based eMail: Forget about the mail client, because the browser is the future here and have a functional webmail and is the best evidence to spread their service. I see many hosting providers that invest little about in this aspect, I think it will be rather crucial in the coming years, like what is now a control panel for dedicated servers hosting account.

Uptime And Service Management: e-Mail is a critical service. No customer accepts a downtime of a few minutes, and left the service for a few hours. Unfortunately, I know better than anyone that it does not mean that those emails are really important, but missed an email is not the same in the minds of customers to lose a text message or other means of communication that did not have any guarantee. This is why ISPs need to invest in outdoor products, ready platforms if necessary, to redound to the e-mail and then be able to advertise this product with an adequate marketing. Learn from Google.

Services Related To Mail: Calendars, mobile management, contact management and much more, giants like Google, Microsoft and ESDS invest here to expand the use of services that reside in the cloud and are always accessed from the browser. Once again, the common factor is the desire to provide a complete service to the end user without any difficulty of use.

Storage And Backup: It is the balance for many, if the email is stored externally and does not require backup, then this can mean a substantial savings for the company. Do not believe, here a large part of the success of Google Apps in its proposal for a national and international level.

I believe that in the next 5 years, there will be made obsolete solution for standard mail as we know it today, for ISPs that offer e-mail is a challenge: Many now believe that its customers “escape” on Google or other services only to mail. The future is an approach to SaaS service, with a cloud computing infrastructure that can provide the resources.

Comments from people who use email for work (how? Such as ISP?) are really encouraged!


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